Friday, December 9, 2011

Anjolee Jewelry Review

Sweater and Necklace: Kohl’s; Skirt: New York & Company; Thigh-High Socks: American Apparel; Boots: Target; Belt and Hat: Forever 21; Ring: c/o Anjolee

Since I’ve been with my husband, I’ve started to understand the value of quality and the longevity that comes from having something of quality. His motto in life is “Go big or go home,” and his weakness is electronics. He’ll only buy the best. And if he can’t find the best, he’ll make it (in the case of speakers).

Of the material goods that interest me, I notice a big difference in how long bags and jewelry last when I spend a bit more money. That’s not to say inexpensive things are always bad. I’ve had these affordable black boots for a couple years now, and they’re the most comfortable pair of boots I own by far. But I can think of many specific examples when I bought an accessory and it fell apart in no time. A couple New Year’s Eves ago, I bought a statement ring to go with my ensemble, and before I even wore it, the ring part came detached from the band.

I’ve never really been into fine jewelry in the past because my tastes change, and I tend to like bigger statement pieces. But now that I have a kid, I like the idea of having something valuable and sentimental to pass on to her. The center stone in my diamond wedding ring was my grandmother’s, and it originally belonged to her grandmother. Hopefully I’ll have some nice things to give to my children and grandchildren, maybe anniversary rings some years in the future to add to my bridal set.

Having said all of that, I was pretty excited when Anjolee contacted me to review one of their products. I chose the Millgrain Edge Diamond and Gemstone Eternity Ring because I may or may not have gasped a little when I saw the picture of this one. I love the look of the eternity band, and I thought the red was festive. And by the way, the ring also came in a gorgeous box. This particular ring is the cubic zirconia version, but I could see getting a diamond one maybe with yellow down the road to complement my engagement and wedding rings.

I'm also linking up with wear*it Wednesday on 12/21: How to Wear Holiday Inspired Outfits hosted by la boutique verte.

Disclosure: Although the ring was given to me for review purposes, all views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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