Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Bridget!

Today, my baby girl is 1-year-old! We're headed to her 12-month appointment this afternoon, so here are some pictures from her birthday party this weekend. We had six kids total ranging from less than a month old to almost 3-years-old, and then maybe 10-15 adults.

The theme was rubber ducks, and I found all the decorations on Amazon. I kept it pretty simple with just a centerpiece, plates and napkins, garland, and mini ducks as party favors.

I'm kicking myself because these rock star and fairy tale ducks were supposed to be party favors, but I forgot to hand them out after the second family left. This post-baby memory loss really is crippling sometimes. "Crippling" may be a little dramatic, but it's definitely annoying.

Bridget could not get enough of all the ducks around! She kept saying "Duh! Duh! Duh!" and pointing.

As for Bridget's party outfit, the dress is one I made this summer but never actually put her in it. Since it was probably the most complicated thing I've ever sewn, I couldn't let it go unworn. The crown I bought at Target. There's a matching tutu, which I put her in to go to school today.



As you can see, the cake eating was quite anticlimactic besides the goofy goatee she gave herself. Hopefully she'll put more of a dent in the birthday cupcakes I sent with her to daycare today.


  1. Your baby is adorable and I love your WIW outfit, that yellow hat is beyond awesome!

  2. Adorable party! And I have to say, it is refreshing to see a child's party that is actually catered to the CHILD!

  3. lol sooooo cute with the chocolate mustache!!! she wanted to be like her pops!