Monday, December 5, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend


Lace Tank and Tights: Target; Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy; Blazer: New York & Company; Skirt: self-made; Boots: Vince Camuto

Scarf: gift; Shorts: Kohl's

Following a quick/putzy change of clothes after work, I headed down to Illinois for Modly Chic's Schoolhouse Swap. More about that in another post, but in summary, I had fun hanging out with some cool bloggers and scoring a big bag of new-to-me clothes!

We got done swapping around 9, so I still had time to stop by a friend's birthday party for a drink or two. I made it home by around 1 I think and crashed...after trying on all my swapped goodies and being quite pleased with what I came out with.


Lace Tank: swap; Blazer and Necklace: Kohl's; Jeans: Old Navy; Clutch: Fred Boutique; Boots: Target

Saturday morning, I woke up far too early when hubs decided Bridget needed to come in and climb on mommy. It was fine, though, because I needed the time to clean and decorate for Bridget's birthday party. We had a good turnout for that, and Bridget got a lot of great gifts! More on the party in a later post, too.

Shortly after everyone headed out, including Bridget who was staying at grandma and grandpa's for the night, hubs and I continued the partying at his unofficial work Christmas party. It's held every year at a woman's house, and it's always a good time. Since I used to work there too, I really enjoyed catching up with my old coworkers. They're a fun bunch!


Cami and Jeans: New York & Company; Tank Top and Cardigan: Old Navy;  Shoes: Kohl's; Necklace: swap

Since I woke up completely exhausted, I wanted to be comfy on Sunday, so I recreated Haylie Duff's look for Inspiration Monday. First, we had to go to my parents' to pick up Bridget. It was hard getting out the door when all we wanted to do was sleep, but we somehow made it to my parents' church on time. Then, we went back to their house for lunch and left shortly after that.

I dropped hubs off at home, and Bridget and I continued on to the mall. Caffeine was the only thing keeping me going at that point, but I had an expiring 40% off Gap coupon that could only be used in stores that I didn't want to waste. It was a productive trip, and I got all three of my sisters-in-law done for Christmas. I could've probably accomplished even more, but Bridget was starting to lose it near the end.

So yeah!  That was my crazy busy weekend.  I like having those once in awhile as long as it's not too was tiring but a lot of fun.  Next weekend, the fun continues; and the weekend after that, we're off to Maine!  So far, I'm liking December.


  1. LOVE how you styled your lace tank from the swap---looks great! And you're a better lady than 40% off at Gap went to waste. Boo.

  2. I adore the shoes you are wearing in your Inspiration Monday outfit - they are so cute!!

  3. It was so great to meet you on Friday. I loved how you styled your shorts with the patterned tights!

  4. Cute weekend photos, and I agree that your Inspiration Monday shoes are very fun. :-)

  5. I'm sorry I had to miss the swap! I've been a busy bee over here, getting ready for a work lunch at the house today and then our holiday party Saturday. It sounds like you had quite the weekend! All your outfits look great. I love your outfit with shorts!

  6. OOOO really.. you got your sister in law their gifts at GaP! Interesting! haha Love you sis and I really enjoy you blogs

  7. I really love that second look with the short sleeved blazer and I lovvve those flats from the inspiration outfit. Great job!

  8. I was in Gap, but I was also in the rest of the mall. So hopefully you and the other two sisters of mine will still be surprised! Glad you're enjoying the blog, hehe.

  9. Wow! I am tired just reading about your busy weekend! And i love love LOVE the sweater in the Inspiration Monday picture. It is so cute and looks so cozy!

  10. You look very comfy, but put-together for the IM look:-)) Great job! I have to also say the second and third looks are SO flattering on you!