Friday, December 9, 2011

Racing the Sun

T-shirt: Target; Cardigan: Wet Seal; Jeans: New York & Company; Shoes: Mr. Shoe; Belt: Kohl's; Scarf: gift; Hat: H&M

This outfit is actually from a few weeks ago. It was my second attempt at recreating an outfit from Girl with Curves. This was also the day when my boss mocked my giant yellow scarf, haha. Men. Obviously I didn't wear the hat to work.

I was determined to use natural light for these pictures, so I raced home after work, glancing at the setting sun as I drove. Pretty sure the sun won--I had to lighten these pics up quite a bit. And one of my neighbors drove by as I was taking these, so the last couple shots were of me darting towards the camera. High five to you guys who do your photos in public.


  1. Love the hat, and the bright scarf!

  2. This hat is so so cute on you!!

  3. this outfit so fabulous! Love finding fellow fashion mummys :)

  4. Love that you did your own version of my outfit! You look fab!! xo