Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mother Daughter Sequins

On Me - Blouse: Target; Long Sleeved Shirt: Walmart; Sequin Scarf: ?; Vest: swapped; Cords: Gap; Shoes: Kohl's
On Bridget - Top: LLBean; Pants: Children's Place; Socks: gift; Sequin Headband: Walmart

I almost forgot about Everybody, Everywear Sequins + Sparkles today.  I already picked out what I was going to wear, so I added this sequined scarf/tie/sash thing for a faux tie blouse effect.  As for Bridget, since she was particularly clingy this morning, I put this cute sequin headband on her and let her get in on the EBEW fun.  Although as my neck is experiencing right now, sequins are pretty scratchy, so I didn't make Bridget wear this headband for more than a couple minutes.

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere


  1. Very cute!! :) Love the coordinating sequins.

  2. omggggg you ladies are looking good! This is the cutest EBEW submission in the history of EBEW....she looks like a soon-to-be fashionista ;)


  3. Bridget is so adorable in her sequins!! Love you added fun with that tie!!

  4. I absolutely love the layers in your outfit and your adorable shoes! and having your daughter dressed in sequins too? too cute!

  5. This is the cutest post ever! I would love to see more mother-daughter coordination!

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