Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bang Inspiration

I've decided.  I'm gonna take the plunge and get bangs.  I've been wanting to do something different with my hair even though I'm super low maintenance.  BUT, I want to keep it long for now, and I don't want to change the color again until I start going gray.

The bangs topic came up again over Christmas because my mom got a super cute new haircut.  My husband commented how much he liked her bangs.  While I don't want blunt cut, wispy-ish bangs like my mom, I'm ready to take a change and get bangs again.  It's just hair, right?  Right.

Here are some of the bang looks I like:

One of my BFFs is my hair stylist, so my plan is to set up an appointment with her sometime in the next few weeks.  So of course, before and after pictures will come at that time.

I'm curious.  Have any of you ever had bang remorse?  Or do you have any easy bang styling tips?


  1. I only lasted two weeks with my bangs. I have an incredibly greasy face in general, but the bangs would get so clumpy and disgustingly greasy after a few hours. I'd have to put a tiny bit of baby powder onto them and have grayish old lady looking hair. It also didn't do anything positive for my acne. I loved how my bangs looked with a high pony tail, but I found them too difficult to manage. I also didn't enjoy how fast they seemed to grow and how obviously cut they looked after a trim. I think bangs are great if you don't produce a lot of oil on your forehead--wish that was me!

    I like all the inspiration pics you chose! Mine were like taylor swifts.

  2. I'm a fan of Kate Walsh's. I tend to end up with some version of a sides wept bang. As long as I can clip them back when I work out, bangs are great! Go for it. I bet they'll look great on you.

  3. I think longer bangs = less maintenance. I've had shorter bangs, but most often just ended up pulling them back. It didn't help that I wore my hair curly for the majority of the time I had short bangs. So my advice would be to start with longer bangs if you're looking for lower maintenance.

  4. I have an "eight-head," so, I would look better with bangs, except I have no hair to spare, haha (my hair is really thin).