Friday, May 18, 2012

Chronically Late

Entire Outfit: NY&Co; Necklace: ?

Phew, this was a stressful day, and I brought it all upon myself. I made myself late for everything I needed to get to today. First was an eye doctor appointment for Bridget. She's fine - she just has narrow tear ducts. We just have to keep her eyes clean and bacteria free until she grows out of it.

Then after a quick stop at the post office and Starbucks, I headed to work (half hour late) and had a very busy day there. After that, I rushed home (late), packed up, and we headed to my parents' to have a (late) Mother's Day dinner and see my dad's band play. I'll post a few pictures of that in a weekend post.

Now I'm just catching up on Grey's Anatomy while hubs plays Diablo. I hear Grey's gets pretty intense, so don't spoil it! Hopefully I'll finish tonight.

This outfit was inspired by this Frida painting for Style Imitating Art, which is hosted at Thrifted Shift this week. I used to have eyebrows somewhat similar to this, haha.


  1. I totally see the inspiration here! Your brows are much nicer though ;-)

  2. What fun inspiration! Love the lace. Oh, Grey's. Always such intense finales!

  3. Love this outfit. I think I need to get that peplum top already. I love it every time you wear it!!

    Rebecca (hearts)...


    ^ Thanks again for the skirt!

  5. what pretty lace detailing on your blouse. being late can be so stressful. i swear my family & i have some kind of no perception of real time gene. back when i watched grey's, (many moons ago), i cried from nearly episode, it was so tense. geez. ;)

  6. You. Look. Amazing! This is such a great interpretation of the painting. I especially love that you wore pants--that seems like something Frida would do!