Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Hanson Day!

Yes, it's a thing.

While I was waiting at the dentist office a few weeks ago, I was reading through an old small notebook I keep in my purse, seeing if I could throw it away. I found some pages that I definitely needed to keep where I scribbled down some conversations I had with Hanson in the summer of 2010.

Zac: Nice sunglasses! (We were wearing their merch.)
Me: Can we get a picture with you?
Zac: Yeah, quick, then I have to get to soundcheck. It's a pretty nice day out!
Me: I don't know how you're not in a T-shirt. I'm dying! (Granted, I was 6 months pregnant at the time, but it was hot that day.)
Zac: Well, my sleeves are rolled up! And I'm cool! Get it? It's funny.
Me: Haha yeah...

Pardon the shiny face. I blame pregnancy.

Taylor: Are you with this posse, too?
Me (under my breath): Truer words have never been said. (My Hanson-loving BFFs made up a name for ourselves when we were 15 called the PHP, or Psycho HITZ Posse. Taylor possibly could've remembered this from seeing my friend's tattoo, but it was probably just a coincidence. We were still amused.)

By the way, my "conversations" with Taylor are always short. He makes me nervous.

Right before our conversation. That's the "Random Fan" pushing the stroller.

Random Fan: I went to New York because tour dates weren't out yet... (She kept talking about how there was no Chicago date released for awhile or something like that.) 
Me (came up next to her and patted her shoulder): Hanson always comes to Chicago. (Made eye contact with Isaac and smiled.)
Isaac: It's a really nice day today. Not too hot.
Me/Fan (I didn't document which was which): It's pretty hot.
Me/Fan: If you're from here, it's hot.
Isaac: You guys are weenies.
Me: Whoa whoa whoa, we have snow...and ice...
Isaac: Yeah...we've done shows here when it's cold, and then we're the weenies.
(Conversation ended, so I walked ahead.)
Isaac (coming up next to me!!!!!!!!! Pardon me while I geek out. This is one of my favorite Hanson-related memories just 'cause he came up to me. Yes, this is what Hanson fans are like, sorry. I digress.): This...this this is...
Me: What are you trying to say here?
Isaac (pointing at a building): This is from Blues Brothers!

Isaac pointing to the building, and me saying "What are you trying to say here?"

Wow, I'm a geek. I'm smiling as a type out this post, too. I'm really glad I get to see them in July. I miss those fellows. Hey Milwaukeeans, the show's at Summerfest, which means it's FREE! You should come.


  1. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! I'm so jealous right now. I could faint! hehe I LOVED HASON! Forget Nsync or BSB. I was all about Hanson :) How did they smell??

    1. You should catch them next time they're in New York! Right now they mostly just have overseas shows planned, but they basically tour all the time. I'm sure they'll do another US tour either later this year or next.

    2. Oh and to answer your question, I don't remember how they smelled. Haha.