Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not That Hot

Dress: Old Navy; Sandals: Target

I'm such a wuss when it comes to hot weather. You know what, though? Humidity doesn't help matters. It was maybe only mid-80s here yesterday, if that, but all I wanted to do was wear one layer of breathable cotton and sit in the AC all day.  And that's basically what I did besides going out to lunch with the fam and eventually taking Bridget to the park.

I guess it's a good thing I live where I do. At least we usually have a nice breeze going with the lake nearby; and being in Wisconsin, you know you're only going to be enduring the heat for a few months tops. Now I know this dress is a keeper for when it's actually hot out, not just hot-ish.

Sunday, also a fairly hot day, I took Bridget to a street festival in town.

It was fine, not much there, and the only thing I really wanted was ice cream. Turns out there was a super long line at the ice cream stand. I waited for a few minutes but then felt like a sucker because I remembered there was an ice cream place right across from where the car was parked. Going there was a much better idea.


  1. That dress is perfect for the summer heat of the midwest! I am not a big fan of the heat, so just one easy layer is a must!!

  2. Cute dress! It looks perfect for the weather we've been having.