Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I Instagram

At first, I wasn't sure what the big deal was with Instagram other than it lets you put cool filters on your photos. When the app became available for Android users, I wanted to try it out and see what the hype was all about. Of course now, I'm hooked. Instagram appeals to me in the same way Twitter appeals to me, summed up in three reasons:
  1. It's a way to keep up with friends and family.
  2. It allows me to get to know another side of bloggers.
  3. It appeals to my stalking tendencies (kidding...) by giving me a glimpse into my favorite celebs' lives.
And it's visual, so it's even better than Twitter alone.

Most blogs contain generally focused topics. The bulk of the blogs on my reader include themes like fashion, lifestyle, parenthood, DIY, entertainment, and then there are some one-offs like religion (hi Dad) and running (hi Sis). So for instance, when I follow a style blogger, I learn all about their personal style and maybe get little tidbits of their life. If I then see their Instagram feed, I get to know them better as a person by seeing pictures of their pets, what they had for lunch, their latest purchase, and so on. Instagram enhances the blogging community in that way.

As for the celebrity thing, it took me at least a couple days, maybe weeks, using the app before I realized that I should try following celebs on Instagram, too. I haven't found many that interest me yet - I follow mostly friends and bloggers - but my favorite famous faces on my feed now are AJ from the Backstreet Boys (@skulleeroz), Taylor Hanson obviously (@taylorhansonmusic), and Nigel Barker from Top Model (@studionb).

Right now, I'm participating in Katy (@modlychic)'s Fashion/Beauty Photo A Day May challenge. It's not too late to join in! If you'd like, you can follow along with my progress @mixedupbek.

ModlyChic FBFF

Off topic, but I have to take care of some business here quickly, too...the winner of the wedges is Kelsey! I'll be emailing you shortly to collect your information.


  1. Awww love the black and white pic of you and Bridget!

  2. I didn't even think to follow celebs! I like all the reasons you listed about Instagram :)