Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Have a Problem

A shopping problem. Here are my purchases this month (I think this is all of them...I know how bad this all looks. Judge away, I certainly deserve it.):

Aldo. Not gonna lie, it kills me that the pink and teal ones are on  sale now. They weren't when I ordered these. But I think orange works.

MICHAEL Michael Kors via Macy's. Complete impulse buy because I'm weak, and it was on sale.

Busted Tees. Because it's a butterbeer shirt, and it was on sale, of course. Yup, impulse buy. For my visit to Universal Islands of Adventure, more specifically, the Harry Potter part.

Fred (the top is what I bought). Um, I had a coupon...and it was yellow.

Old Navy. A white dress to replace The Webster for Target one that didn't work on me at all. Hubs likes this one better anyway.

Gap. Because it was cheap, and I thought it looked Maine-esque for the chilly nights and mornings when I'm there in July.

eBay. Enough fabric to make Bridget and me matching dresses for the 4th of July. Because isn't that one of the joys of having children?

Art Fire. Pattern I'm hoping to modify to make more of an open back but be racerback bra strap friendly.

NY&Co. Because a vest has been on my to-buy list for awhile.

NY&Co. Because I wanted more than one pair of work pants that I didn't have to wear a belt with.

Crocs via Rue La La. Hopefully these will be comfortable enough to use on my Florida vacay.

Besides things for myself, I also bought a couple polo shirts and a pair of jeans for hubs, and a dress and PJs for Bridget.

Oh my gosh, I hate myself after listing all that stuff out. Time for either an intervention or a shopping ban. Or both. This was a good exercise, though. I have to write down my food for Weight Watchers so that I don't overindulge. It only makes sense that making a ridiculous list like this would show me the error of my ways. That's the first step to recovery, after all.

Hmm, shopping ban for June? Pretty sure I said that in April about May. Hold me to it, everyone!


  1. I might commission you to make that dress for ME! It looks like it will lovely!!!

    1. I'll definitely have to do a post about how the first one went whenever I get around to it and see how it goes. I'm a pretty sloppy sewer, but I get the job done, heh.

  2. You know I would take away your credit/debit card immediately if I were closer!!! *shakes finger* ;)

    1. I know, I know. I really need to shape up.

  3. I'm probably enabling, but you got some really cute stuff! Those Aldo sandals are awesome! Good luck with your ban, it can be tough, I've tried. ;)