Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Outfit Recreation from InStyle

Top: Old Navy; Cardigan: Target; Skirt: Jason Wu for Target;
Tights: Missoni for Target; Shoes: Vince Camuto via giveaway

This cardigan is a little small. I've had it forever, so either it shrunk, I grew, or I bought it too small in the first place. Or all of the above. The above photo is probably how the collar-lapel-flap things (you'd think I'd know the technical term here) are supposed to lay, but the below picture is how they actually lay if I don't fix them every 2 seconds. I ended up wearing the sweater either off or unbuttoned most of the day anyway.

The inspiration for this outfit came from this page I ripped out of the November issue of InStyle.

The tan leather skirt is definitely a chicer look, but my workhorse Jason Wu skirt works pretty well, too. I didn't have a felt fedora to go with it, and I didn't think my straw one would be a great substitute, but hats are not really practical for my everyday life anyway unfortunately.

Man, my hair is long. I need a haircut.


  1. That's an adorable outfit. Wouldn't it be great if we could wear fabulous hats everyday? I'm not prepared for all the weird looks though. The general public does not like hats.

    1. Right? The general public totally does not like hats. It really is too bad.