Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Haul and YSL Shoes for Sale

Originally, I did have plans to brave the mall for Black Friday, but I ended up celebrating Small Business Saturday a day early instead and just checked out E-Collectique Runway Boutique's fabulous new shop in Thiensville. Let me tell you, their Saukville shop is nice, but their Thiensville shop is stunning. It's like a chic boutique you'd find in Chicago or something. For the locals, I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyway, I stopped by because I saw a couple shoes online I wanted to check out in person. One was this ridiculously high but awesome pair of Prada shoes. I was in the market for silver shoes for a wedding and the work Christmas party, so I used some of my store credit from selling stuff and picked them up for $47!

They're 4-1/2 inches high...what was I thinking? I guess I was thinking that I just scored Prada shoes for $50. I'll just slouch the whole time. Ha.

I nearly bought two handbags while I was there, too, but I held back and just picked up this BCBG top for $10.

So those were my successful Black Friday purchases. Unfortunately, I convinced my friend to buy a pair of YSL shoes without trying them on, and they ended up being too small. Now, we have to find someone to take them off her hands. They're size 8.5, narrow, and they have no flaws that I can find. If anyone would be interested, they're yours for $45, which is what she paid for them plus the cost to ship them. Otherwise, we're going to try to sell them to a resale shop later this week. I'd rather a reader have them, though!


  1. I wish I could fit my big ole feet in those! Also, wear those heels and be tall and proud!!!

  2. Great scores. Love those shape of the wedge on those killer Prada shoes!!

  3. Great finds! I wish my feet were bigger for those YSLs! Thanks for the comment!

    <3 Josephine

  4. The Ysl shoes are gorgeous but my feet are too small <3