Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 Recap

This year's Halloween festivities included trick-or-treating with Bridget and Dela, going out with friends, and dressing up for our respective work and daycare parties.

Bridget's first trick-or-treating outing went very well. She picked up on the concept quickly, and after each house, she said, "More candy!" We got through all the houses on our street plus a few more on intersecting streets until it started to get dark, and Bridget's little hands started to match her Elmo costume.

Sorry for the quality of these pictures or lack thereof. My husband quickly took the group one before we rushed out the door since trick-or-treating had already started and he needed to hand out candy.

If anyone asked, I was going to say I was Emma from Once Upon a Time, just a brunette version with bangs. No one asked, though, since most of the parents don't dress up.

So yeah, we don't have any good pictures of Bridget in her Elmo costume, but here's her afterwards with her haul:

After trick-or-treating, I headed to my friends' place to get ready and then go out to a bar in Sussex where Left on Sunset was playing. I used to work with one of the guys in the band but had never seen them live, so I figured it was overdue. They're mostly a cover band, and they were really good. And really into Rum Chata, which I appreciated. Yum. We ended up enjoying a round of shots ourselves.

T and E as Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter, Canadian pop stars
from How I Met Your Mother

Pre-party, in the elevator

The clear winner of the costume contest - an AT-AT walker from Star Wars

QR code, Robin, Jessica, and Star Trek commander

Wearing Jessica Glitter's glasses and singing along to something while being a dork

Although Halloween isn't a big thing at work besides a costume contest that a handful of people participate in, I still wanted to dress up but do something simple. I'm usually the only one on my team that wears a costume, as I was again this year, but I just can't not do something for Halloween. This time, I put on a few things I had in my closet and came up with a lobster fisher-woman costume.

Bridget was a little perturbed that I was using her lobster as my costume.

Finally, for Bridget's Halloween party at school, she had quite a few costume options. She could go as Elmo again; she could go as a lion, but she didn't want to put on the lion costume; or she could go as a fairy, but she didn't want to wear the wings. Although I'm sure Elmo would've been a hit at school, I wanted to do something different. I had bought this gingham top at Old Navy thinking I would wear it myself and be Dorothy. Turns out, the XL must've been a girls' size instead of women's because it was tiny. Instead of using it myself, which would've been impossible, I found some red sparkly shoes at Walmart and handed it down to Bridget with some on-the-fly alterations to the top/dress. With her basket and my old stuffed dog Bingo acting as Toto, she was ready to go as mini Dorothy.


  1. So much Halloween goodness in this post - I don't know where to start! So, I'll just say how much I love that little Dorothy costume. What a brilliant idea to alter that shirt! And she can wear it as a little sun dress this summer.

  2. Oh my gosh, Bridget is so, so adorable as Dorothy. And for the record, I am not one of those people who finds all/most kids adorable!

    I love how you did your hair for your Star Trek hair; I think you should try it again for a regular day.

    The Robin Sparkles costume is an awesome idea.

  3. Bridget looks like she had a great Halloween!! Love your Star Trek fun!!

  4. Nice post! your blog is beautiful.
    I follow you ;)

  5. Hahahaha oh man, this post. It's rockin'.

  6. Totally in love with the weekend look and the once reference. I also love the star trek costume and your hair. Too cool.

  7. oh man. that AT-AT... i would have flipped out. that is so cool.