Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's Fitting Room Reviews

Today is the day! I can't resist a good designer collaboration, so at 7:30 AM before heading into work, I stopped at Kohl's to check out the new Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation line. Interestingly enough, the pieces I thought I wanted ended up not working on me at all, but some of the pieces I didn't know existed, I ended up loving. All in all, I would say the skirts and dresses of this collection would be best for ladies who want to create curves. The jackets are great for everyone as are the pants if length isn't an issue for you, and the tops come in two varieties: boxy and silky or fitted and stretchy. One of those varieties worked well for me, and one didn't.

Now for the individual pieces:

Colorblock Sweaterdress - I love a good sweaterdress, but unfortunately, this one did not work for me. I tried on an XL, and it fit on the bottom but was too baggy on the top. Plus, the colorblocking did me no favors.

Wool-Blend Coat - I'm not really sure how this would not look like a robe on anyone. I guess if you're into that type of thing, go for it, but it was too robe-like for my taste. The large fit well, but the sleeves were just a little short on me.

Marled Open-Work Sweater - I loved this sweater so much that I almost bought it to wear right away instead of the tan sweater I was wearing. I'm wearing an XL in this picture, but I ended up purchasing a large, which I didn't try on. I may regret that later. But it's a very soft and cozy sweater, not scratchy at all.

Floral Tee with the  Crepe Tuxedo Pants - This t-shirt is a cotton spandex material, and I thought it was really comfortable and fun. I was in the market for more long-sleeved layering T-shirts, and I may in fact wear this one tomorrow. This is a large that I'm wearing, and it's also the size I bought. As for the pants, they were super duper comfortable, and the 16s (my usual pant size) fit me perfectly except for the length. I think they're supposed to be a little longer based on the product photo.

Colorblock Crepe Pencil Skirt - Now do you see why I avoided pencil skirts for so long? This is the reason. Most pencil skirts I try on fit me like this. The 16 was a tad loose in the waist and suuuuuper tight in the hips. Not flattering and not something even Spanx could save, I believe. This skirt would be great on someone with a straighter silhouette. Too bad because this was one of the items on my wishlist. It's also worth noting because it doesn't show this on the website that there's a zipper in the back that goes all the way down the length of the skirt. You can zip it down from the top to get the skirt on and off or up from the bottom to create a slit in the back.

For some reason, I can't find this top on the website. This is a polyester charmeuse top. It was fine, but a little boxy for my taste. It looked better on me when it was tucked in. I have on a large here.

Jacquard A-Line Skirt - These pictures are out of order, but this is the first thing I tried on. Although it looks like the tucked-in top is bunching up a little, I LOVED this skirt. It's an a-line shiny patterned skirt that would be perfect for the holidays. Because of the shape, the 16 fit perfectly, and I probably could've gone with a 14 if I wanted to wear it higher on my waist. I ended up buying this one.

Yoryu Top Set with the Colorblock Ponte Leggings - You can't really tell from these pictures, but this top has two layers - the cream part is this kind of meshy fabric with black silky charmeuse trim and a little taupe cami sewn in as the bottom later. It's on the short and boxy side, so I passed on it. It fits the model in the product picture very differently. The leggings, on the other hand, are great. They're ponte knit, so of course they're comfortable. They're probably a little short on me, and the XL was just the slightest bit baggy on top, but I would highly recommend these. I just wasn't in the market for them.

Lurex Tweed Jacket with the Colorblock Shirred Top - I have no complaints about this little jacket. The cropped sleeves looked cute with the long-sleeved tee underneath, and the large fit well. It was just wasn't very me, so I passed. I wasn't a big fan of the shirred top, though. The ruching detail wasn't very flattering on me, and I don't think it's that flattering on the model either. Also, the cream part was pretty sheer, and you don't need to be seeing that.

Crepe Blazer - Can you tell I was a fan of this blazer? I wanted you to see all the angles. I'm wearing the 14 here, which fit great. I have way too many blazers in my life, but I have NO boyfriend-style blazers. This one fit the bill, and I couldn't pass it up - it was just too cool. It ended up coming home with me. Looking at the pictures, it's a tad doctor's coat-esque, but the right styling would fix that, I think.

Sequin Faux-Wrap Dress - This dress was pretty cute with the sequin top and the jersey bottom, but I thought it looked a little old for me. I think it would be an adorable holiday dress for a more mature woman. Or maybe a younger woman with more creative styling.

Colorblock Ponte Sheath Dress - If you thought the white skirt was bad, this dress in a size large was worse. Hence the censoring. I think Spanx could've saved this one given the material of the dress (ponte knit as opposed to crepe), but I didn't like it enough to take that chance. However, I do think this dress would be hot on the right body type, meaning someone curvy without a mom gut.

Colorblock Ponte Sheath Dress - Here's an XL in another style of the ponte sheath dress. Originally, this version in pink was on my wishlist, but even the bigger size didn't work for me at all. It's all sorts of baggy on top and all sorts of tight on the bottom. Pass, pass, pass.

For the locals, other items I saw at the Bayshore Mall location but didn't get a chance to try on included:
I know I'm missing a few, but that was most of them. Right now, the whole collection is 30% off, and I had a 30% off coupon, so I felt pretty justified walking out of there with four pieces at 60% off. Not too shabby!


  1. hi thank you so much, these reviews are very helpful i wanted to order 2 dresses online but i guess i m gona pass i am a size 12 hmm so i guess they wont suit me i wish i could go to kohls n try them on but its too far from where i live thnx though

  2. I'm glad you posted these reviews because you've convinced me that I need to check out the collection now. Despite my employee discount, I try to avoid Kohl's for clothes because so many people at work wear Kohl's clothes (go figure) and we all end up dressing the same.

  3. Thank you for the reviews!! I actually like the white dress (last one) on you. And the "robe"/coat?! ! LOL!

  4. great review and I agree with most of your feedback. I got the ponte leggings. They are so comfy and could be dressed down or up perfectly.

  5. Haha, I love your "spanx" needed photo. I feel like I need spanx for almost everything I wear lately. That robe coat is weirdddd.

  6. Thanks for the reviews!! I love the crepe blazer you got! I am definitely going to have to go check out the collection this weekend.

  7. Thanks for the reviews. I just picked up a ton of the pieces on clearance at will see. The shipping was free so no risk. I agree it is the kind of thing where, well, you just don't know. I bought a few pieces and sent to my sis too...including that sequin faux wrap dress. We will see. It was good to see some of the pieces on a real person to get an idea. BTW, the colorblock stuff I think if you use a dark color like black on the trickier areas might be okay. That is my little secret...ooops, no more a secret but it does help. Everyone has a problem area unless you are a! Glamamama

  8. Thanks for the great review and pictures :). This helped me out alot. I'm considering buying the creme boyfriend blazer. Thanks!! :)

  9. I really appreciate you modeling these clothes it's nice to see them on REAL people. I was considering purchasing a few items from this line ....

    be blessed.