Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Weekend

Yesterday, my mom came over to watch Bridget's swim class, and then she, hubs, and I made homemade ravioli for our upcoming Thanksgiving meal. We usually have a small turkey with that; but besides the ravioli, I mostly look forward to the sides, especially my mom's yams with brown sugar and marshmallows.

That night, I went and saw the last installment of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn - Part 2. OMG. I don't want to spoil anything, but the ending was intense. I had heard that there was a surprise ending that was different from the book, and a surprise it was! I didn't actually like the end of the book, so I ended up being pleased with how they wrapped things up in the movie. However, while it was all going down on screen, I was freaking out!

Here's what I wore for Inspiration Monday:

Top: Old Navy; Poncho: gift; Jeans: New York & Company; Boots: Kohl's; Sunglasses: Express

For the movie, I added my vampire shirt from Maurices that I bought back when New Moon came out.

Today's mostly a chill day. I took Bridget and Dela to the dog park and grocery store, but that's it so far. I'm hoping during Bridget's nap in a little bit here that I can write like crazy since I skipped yesterday. Whoops. I was doing so well, too.

Here's what I'm wearing today for Style Imitating Art. I kind of phoned this one in and just went with a casual white and purple ensemble instead of a white dress. This was a toughie; I'll be interested to see how everyone else pulled it off!

Sweatshirt: gift; Cords and Scarf: New York & Company; Boots: Steve Madden


  1. your inspiration monday outfit is perfect. that poncho is so cute!! i have never read any of the books or seen the movies...i'm way behind!

  2. Rebekah! hi!

    WOW AND WOW! two great adaptations / mimics / inspirations! you nailed it. so cool.


  3. The fact that you have a fringed cape/cardigan sweater is awesome! Makes it easy to interpret this photo, huh?

  4. I love that poncho!! So cozy and cute.

    Jess - J's Style

  5. Your Inspiration Monday and Style Imitating Art posts are my favorite. I like both the posts where your look is very similar to the original (like your first photo here), AND the ones where you take an interesting unique approach to it (your second photo here).