Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Night in Chicago

Three events in one night - that's my kind of night! That's what I love about Chicago — there's always something cool and exciting going on. We started off Thursday night at Point A, the eDrop-Off headquarters, then went to Point B, Park West theater, and finally over to Point C, Joe's Bar. Conveniently enough, they were all within a two-mile drive of each other. Unfortunately, that meant we had to find parking three different times, which was a frustrating task.

First, we checked out Christian Siriano's trunk show at eDrop-Off. My friend K and I were a little apprehensive upon entering the building with so many chic people in attendance. For some reason, I was a lot more nervous about meeting Christian than I was when I met Rami back in March. A very attractive male waiter put us somewhat at ease as he came by to offer us drinks. We then dubbed him Prince Charming. He was just that good looking. Unfortunately, I neglected to get a picture of him. Here's what I did manage to get photos of:

Affordable accessories table with Payless shoes

I spotted some impressive footwear throughout the night, but this is the only pair I got a picture of.

The crowd

I was trying to get a picture of Christian, but actually these girls look familiar for some reason.
Bloggers maybe? You can also kind of see Christian's boyfriend, musician and artist
 Brad Walsh, in the background.

Not a good photograph, but this is one of Christian's amazing pieces from his collection.

Me with the designer himself! He was a really nice guy.

I didn't purchase anything this time, but I definitely intend to visit his shop when I'm in New York in February. I would also like to get a pair of his shoes at Payless sometime. Maybe I'll buy a pair for the trip because where else am I going to wear 4+-inch heels? Actually, these bow flats are really cute, too, but Payless shoes never seem to fit me. The 10s are too small, and the 11s are too big. Oh well, sorry, moving on!

With a little time to spare, we begrudgingly left our hottie waiter behind and headed for Destination #2. That six-way intersection that you can see on the map on the way to Park West became the bane of my existence. I don't know how many times I drove through there trying to find parking, but it ended up taking us about 20 minutes to find a spot. Even then, it was a reserved spot that required a special sticker on your car; but at that point, I was over it, and we were already 15 minutes late for the Miggs set.

It was the second time that night that I was able to say "I'm on the list" — first since we RSVPed for the trunk show, and second since Don from Miggs graciously got us in to the Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers show to watch the Miggs set before we left for the Ingram Hill show at Joe's Bar. I felt pretty VIP all night.

We ended up catching the last half of their half-hour set, and then I introduced K to Don and John and chatted with them for a few minutes before we had to get going.

Our last stop of the night was to Joe's Bar for the Whiskey Jam. I'm not into country music in the least, but each artist's set was only about five songs long, so it was tolerable. On the flip side, that also meant that Ingram Hill only got to play five songs, but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

After that, we stopped by the merch table for K to buy the CD of theirs she was missing, waved bye to Justin (lead singer), and headed home.

By the way, Chicago friends and readers, can you tell me what this neighborhood(s) was called? We really liked this area of Chicago, but we couldn't pinpoint exactly what area we were in. Like I was telling my friend, if it's not the House of Blues, I have no idea where I am, which is pretty sad considering how many times I've been to the city in my life. The particular area had tons of good shopping, though. We may have to make a trip back sometime.


  1. You were in the Lincoln Park neighborhood :).

    Funny enough, you were only three blocks from Maid-Rite (the restaurant on my blog where you said that the sandwich looked really tasty).

    1. Curses! Had I known that, I would've waited to have dinner there instead of getting fast food on the way.

  2. How cool that you got to meet Christian Siriano!