Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Feels Like Me

It's always kind of interesting and insightful when bloggers say a particular outfit "feels like them." I know for myself, I like to try out different trends, and I try to add variety to my wardrobe, and I'm sure other bloggers strive to do the same. So it's nice when we hit on a combination that just "feels like us." In fact, I just did a search in my Google Reader for the phrase "feel like me," and 19 results popped up. I clicked the first two, and they were actually both plaid shirts that made those particular bloggers feel like themselves. That's kind of cool. And a few of the results I found were referencing things that didn't "feel like them."

This time I'm going to say it. This outfit feels like me. Or who I want to be - a hip, girly mom with a bit of a rock 'n roll edge. Years before I became a blogger, long-sleeved (or 3/4-sleeved), solid-colored T-shirts were a wardrobe staple of mine. I also had a ton of printed skirts. The silhouette of this skirt is new for me, as is the super cool studded belt, so this whole ensemble feels like an updated version and a very natural progression of the me from say...2008.

Jacket: Sofia Vergara (KMart); Boots: Target

Top: Kohl's; Skirt and Watch: New York & Company; Belt: H&M

Having said all that, I was having a bad bangs day. As much as I like how I look with bangs, I have a feeling they look "eh" more often than they look good. But I'm still keeping them around.


  1. This is a really chic outfit, I love it on you!!!

  2. I like the bangs. Your hair looks darker in the first picture and I think you look like Demi Moore - http://www.bestcelebrityhairstyles.com/demi-moore-hairstyles/demi-moore-hair-12/


  3. gorgeous skirt, love your bangs!

    thanks for the inspo! now following
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  4. Very you...I love it!! I too want to achieve hip, girl mom with the rock and roll edge!!