Saturday, November 17, 2012



Last night, my friends and I attended the Journey show at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. We had nosebleed seats by choice and just sat back and enjoyed the music. I knew maybe half the songs (I didn't know any of their newer stuff), and I knew all the words to maybe seven of them. But it was a good show. It's a bummer that Steve Perry hasn't been with the band for awhile, but Arnel Pineda was an entertaining front man.

The people at the show were actually just as amusing as the show itself. There were fans of all ages, and some of the fans our age were dressed in 80s throwback garb like leg warmers and side ponytails. And then there were the original Journey fans with the fluffy hair and tight clothing. And then there were the drunk ones. Oh my gosh, there was a girl in the front row of our section who was so out of it that she was throwing popcorn over the rail on the people below, and then eating the rest of the popcorn she dropped off of her seat, cleavage, and ledge under the railing (groooooooosss!).

While we waited for Journey to go on, I told my friends how about my novel was going for NaNoWriMo, and they gave me some really good plot ideas that I'm excited to write about. I'm at 26,429 words, so more than halfway there! After a few days of catching up, I'm only a couple hundreds words behind the daily word target now. So yeah, it's coming along!

Here's what I wore to work before the show:

Pants and Scarf: New York & Company;
Cardigan: H&M

And here's what I wore to the show:

Blazer: Rock & Republic (Kohl's); T-shirt: American Apparel; Jeans and Bracelets: New York & Company;
Boots: Steve Madden; Guitar Necklace: Forever 21?; Clutch: Fred Boutique

I got this blazer for a steal at about $20 after coupons and Kohl's Cash. Good thing, too, because it's getting very mixed reviews on the website. Apparently, the studs fall off pretty easily, which looks like might've already happened from the picture above. I still think it's a pretty cool blazer.

Oh yeah, I would be remiss not to say happy 32nd birthday to Isaac Hanson today!


  1. Omg, I can totally picture the crowd at Journey. The die hards. I love Journey and Steve Perry. Is the new singer the guy I remember hearing about with the dead ringer of a voice? Was he find on a reality show/contest or something? Why do I feel like I remember seeing that?

    Congrats on your book! Great job!!

    1. Probably, his voice is pretty Steve Perry-esque. I'm not sure about the reality show part, though.

  2. Oh, and a membe of Hanson is 32? Omg, now I feel really old...