Friday, February 15, 2013

Health Screening Results

Last week, I took my annual healthy screening at work. They're not required, but they're encouraged, and we get a little bit of a monetary incentive if we participate. I always come out of these with basically the same results - completely healthy, nothing to worry about, except the weight thing. Here are the numbers:

My Number Optimal Range Result
Blood Pressure 102/76 Less than 120/less than 80 Normal
Body Fat 32.5 21 - 32.9* Normal*
Body Mass Index 27.3 18.5 - 24.9 Overweight
Total Cholesterol 138 Less than 200 Normal
High Density Lipoprotein 56 Greater than 50 Normal
Triglycerides 74 Less than 150 Normal
Low Density Lipoprotein 68 Less than 100 Normal
TC/HDL 2.5 3.3 1/2 Average Risk
Fasting Glucose 87 Less than 100 Normal
*They gave us two different charts to compare our results to. One said I was worse than poor in body fat, and the other one said I was at the high end of normal. I'm choosing to believe the high end of normal one.

Each year, I forget how the body fat test is done, and I go in worrying that they're going to pinch my stomach fat with some tongs. Not the case luckily. That would be kind of mortifying considering these tests are done pretty out in the open in one corner of the cafeteria. Really, they just hand you something that looks like a large XBOX controller, and you have to hold it in front of you with your arms out straight for about 5 seconds, and somehow that measures your body fat.

Not surprised at all by the BMI number, I assured the lady who was taking my test (who didn't seem concerned in the least about my above-optimal number actually) that I just started up Weight Watchers and that I mostly have a problem with portion control and a sweet tooth. She gave me the friendly tip of using smaller plates for dinner, which I plan on doing from now on. That won't help my snacking problem, but it's something.

All in all, not too shabby. Now if I can curb my snacking and bump up my activity level, I'll be one healthy chick.


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  1. We have the same thing at my work (although at least we have a clinic rather than it being done in the cafeteria). When I did it two years ago, the nurse practitioner told me, like, ten times that I really needed to lose weight. I wanted to be like "Shut up, I get it, and you weigh more than I do!"