Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #43 - Long Gray Cardigan


You have until the end of the day to vote on these, but it's looking pretty definitive right now. Sweater: Donate. Dress: Keep. My husband comments negatively on this dress whenever I wear it, but sorry honey. It's sticking around! The sweater, however, is not. And I'm fine with that.

Next up:

This outfit was inspired by the Style Imitating Art piece for this week.

Top: Anthropologie; Jeans: Kut; Scarf: Overstock; Bracelets: Mexicali Blues;
Booties: Mr. Shoe; Sunglasses: Express

Sweater: Old Navy

The decision's up to you


  1. I think I might have that same cardigan. And it's fine, but not great. But, honestly, it's gray cardigan. Do we really expect magic?

  2. Amazing outfit! I love the top:)