Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #45 - Pink Cardigan


Keep. I'm pretty sure this shrunk in the wash at some point. Up until recently, I hadn't been very good at checking the washing instructions on garment tags, and I noticed when I put this on yesterday that it said hand wash only and don't dry. I've definitely just washed and dried it normally in the past, and the band at the bottom is tighter than it probably once was. However, it's stretchy, and I do like the shape of it with the dolman sleeves.

Today's sweater:

From a decent hair day to a bad hair day and wrinkly pants. Bangs are unpredictable things sometimes. As for this outfit, I tried on probably five different shirts trying to make this sweater and blazer combination work, and I still don't think it really does. The Lela Rose for Target+Neiman Marcus lace top looks good with both the cardigan and the blazer, but not all together I don't think. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.


The decision's up to you


  1. I think this sweater would be best kept as your maternity clothes.

  2. I think the color is great for you. The shape is less favorable as it closes at an awkward spot. I suggest pairing it with dresses and keeping it open (or moving the button down to your waist).
    If not an option, then toss.

  3. Ok, had to come back with a photo of what I mean.

  4. I love that lace top! And the pink is a good color on you. I think I might agree with it buttoning at an odd spot, but you could definitely wear it open and/or belt it.