Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #29 - Mint Cardigan


Keep. I sometimes forget I have this sweater. Like many of my other sweaters, I believe this was a Christmas present from years ago. For me, sweaters are a safe thing to put on a Christmas list since I'm not particularly picky as far as sweaters go, so I think they're relatively easy for people to buy compared to say, pants or shoes. As for this one, it's a nice and casual option to wear on the weekends.

On the other hand, most (all?) of my cardigans, I've bought myself, like the one you're voting on today.

Up for today:

New York & Company

I never know what to call this color. Is it seafoam green? Is it mint? Is it Tiffany blue? I actually Googled "fashion blog" plus each one of these colors to see what other bloggers think, and the results were all the pretty much the exact same color. According to Pantone, it's "hint of mint." So we'll go with that for today.

The decision's up to you

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