Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #42 and a Dress


Keep. I have to be honest. I like this sweater, but the pockets do weird things sometimes. They're definitely for decoration only. Plus there's a teeny tiny hole in the hip (easily fixable if I take the time to do it), and the sleeves are a little too short. Otherwise, I do like this sweater.

Something a little different today:

The way my husband reacted to this outfit yesterday (you can use your imagination as to whether it was positive or negative) led me to decide to open votes up for not only the sweater today, but also the dress. So feel free to take a look at the pics below and cast your vote on both pieces.

It was snowing; hence the white spots.

Sweater: Gap; Dress: Tucker for Target

How I've previously worn this dress:

So what do you think? Keep or donate?

Gap Sweater

Tucker for Target Dress


  1. I have to say-- I've been not-commenting-but-voting for every single one of these since you started, and I love it, Rebecca! It's so fun and you've totally inspired me to try something similar with my influx of shoes (it's really a problem) once I have a second to breathe again. Keep it up, girl!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Glad you're enjoying it. It would be fun see something like this on your blog with shoes!

  2. I voted to keep the dress, but donate the sweater. But I love how you took the dress belt & put it on top of your sweater! Wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a weekly link party again, and I’d love for you to join!