Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #37 - Green Cardigan


Donate. I know, I know, you guys don't like big, baggy sweaters on me. This is one of those sweaters that isn't necessarily flattering, but it's so comfy and cozy that it's going to be hard to cast it into the Donate bag (but I'll do it). It's a great sweater for lounging around on the weekend, which is pretty much what I was doing most of the day Saturday when I wore this. We went out for breakfast, cleaned, and watched a lot of TV. I've been trying to get my husband hooked on The Newsroom since he enjoyed The West Wing, both of which were created and written by Aaron Sorkin, but he's still not convinced after five episodes. It's fine - I never got fully into The West Wing either and only watched an episode here or there with him.

Next one:

The next couple sweaters are going to be from the Rent the Runway post I just did. I also wore this green cardigan on Christmas Eve. You can see it a little better on that post than in this one.


The decision's up to you

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