Friday, March 22, 2013

Jeans, Boots, a Top, and a Cardigan

Was anyone else annoyed with the Project Runway elimination last night? I know I was. No spoilers, but I don't think the right person went home. The only thing I can figure is it was a producer ploy to keep the bigger personality around longer. I also caught up on The Face last night, and I am satisfied with that top four. Any of those girls could win, and I'd be OK with it. Well, maybe not Devyn, but any of the other three  But anyway.

I'm linking up with Balancing A Hectic World for Girls Night Out today. First of all, it was a jeans day at work today, so here's what I wore for that.

Top and Cardigan: Target; Belt: H&M; Jeans: Kut from the Kloth; Boots: Steve Madden;
Necklace: New York & Company; Bracelet and Watch: Michael Kors

I didn't notice that the bottom of my shirt was askew until now...

And since I was wearing the same jeans and boots anyway, here's a recreation of what I wore last weekend when I went out for my husband's birthday. My original plan was to wear his favorite dress of mine, but that would've involved Spanx, and that just didn't seem like such a great idea for a night of drinking beer and eating steak. Instead, I went pretty simple with jeans, boots, a cute top, and a cardigan.

Top: swap; Cardigan: H&M

As far as this weekend goes, it's going to consist of doing tons of laundry and cleaning, I think. I have fun plans the next couple weekends, so it's good I have this one to get stuff done around the house.


  1. I watched PR last night and I don't know why, because I never watch PR. I think because I never knew the channel number for Lifetime. But anyway, I watched last week's ep and then this week's ep, and based on my limited knowledge of this season, I agree with you.

    That lace top is beautiful on you! & Spanx, ugh. I'm tired and squished just thinking about them.

  2. Yeah that guy just won't go away on PR. Just glad that Amanda was finally axed.

  3. Eep. I haven't caught up on this week's episode yet! I should definitely get to that!

    I am big time digging both these outfits. You look great in skinny jeans.