Monday, March 18, 2013

Lots o' Beef and Beer

Sweater and Pants: Gap; Sunglasses: Payless; Booties: Steve Madden

While we didn't have traditional St. Patrick's Day celebrations this weekend, we did conclude my husband's birthday week with friends, family, and plenty of beer and meat.

Saturday evening, after dropping Bridget off with my mom, I joined hubs and some of his friends at Sir James Pub in Port Washington. Originally, our plan was just to eat dinner at Deano's Steakhouse (the same place we had our Valentine's dinner), but my husband and one of his friends discovered this place and told everyone to meet them there instead. He is now obsessed with this place. It is a beer snob's paradise! They have a really intimidating beer list that's over five pages long, containing over 450 varieties, according to their Facebook page. The guys were in heaven. They were all taking pictures with their phones and calling friends to spread the word.

We spent a couple hours there, and during that time, the only other woman in our party, our friend M, got repeatedly hit on by this old guy in the strangest way possible. Even after we pointed out her husband. It may have been a "you had to be there moment," but I'll try to recount the story anyway because it was really random. So this man probably in his 60s comes up to the table that both of us girls were sitting at. He starts telling M how he noticed she was wearing high heels and told her how unhealthy it is for her feet and calves. Her heels were reasonably high, and they weren't even the highest ones in the bar. He was clearly just doing this to be creepy. Then, he asked about my nail polish, and I said something about wearing bluish-green because I'm pretending to be Irish. He told us he was going to educate us on the Irish, that was until M told him that she had been to Ireland several times and had even studied abroad there. Finally, M's husband appeared, and the old man seemed to get the hint. Or did he? Maybe a half hour or so later, he approached M again and asked her if she wanted to go play music with him. She politely but firmly shot him down. When we told my husband's friend who was trying to hit on this old guy's daughter about the whole thing, he kept making excuses for the guy, but no. Yeah, he's old, and yeah it'll be a funny story we can tell for years to come, but it was still creepy.

Anyway, against all odds, we got our group of seven out of the bar, into one car, and to the restaurant. Just like last time we ate there, there were hardly any patrons, which in this case was good because our group was pretty loud and obnoxious, haha. Luckily, the hostess and our waiter found us to be pretty amusing, and we soon found out why. That was their second-to-last day open. EVER. Deano's Steakhouse closed its doors yesterday, and we were there for one of their last meals. Because of that, some of the menu was no longer available, but we all had deliciously juicy steak as an entree and tasty bacon-wrapped scallops and water chestnuts as appetizers. It was too bad that we had just discovered this restaurant a month ago, and it's already gone. We'll have to find another awesome steakhouse in the area.

At that point, it was about 10:30, but we're old and wanted to call it a night, so most of us headed home. The next morning, hubs popped out of bed at 8:00, feeling great, and we headed to my parents' for church and dinner, which was more steak (woohoo!). The food was just as good as the night before, and we finished with yummy strawberry rhubarb pie before packing up Bridget and heading home for a lazy evening.

Catching a few Zs at my parents' house

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