Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lace: One of My Favorite Things

Today is Marionberry Style's Trend of the Month Link-up with lace. I'm so glad lace has been trendy for a few years now. While I have quite a few lace options in my closet, I went with this orange top because I had already planned on wearing this skirt today.

Top and Cardigan: Wet Seal; Skirt: Anthropologie;
Tights: Missoni for Target; Boots: Vince Camuto via giveaway

As bummed as I would be to get rid of it, I think this cardigan has seen its last day. I just noticed a hole in the arm, and the jersey fabric is kind of pilly all over. I think it's time. *Tear* Considering it's from Wet Seal, and I probably didn't pay that much for it way back in college or more likely shortly after, it's done pretty well for itself.


  1. love the outfit! reminds me of fall colors

  2. Love that skirt! I agree with the above poster, reminds me of Fall :)

  3. I love the pattern I the skirt combined with the lace top! Great outfit!!

  4. That skirt is fabulous. I love this look on you; gorgeous colors.