Monday, March 25, 2013

One Top, Five Ways

I started thinking about what piece I wanted to use for each day of Franziska and Whitney's 5 Ways, 5 Days link-up, and all the other days were easy. I knew right away what I wanted to use. For the tops, it was harder to decide since I had a few different ones in mind; but in the end, it came down to which one I could find five outfits for in the archives. This yellow tank top from Target was the winner.

(You can click the pictures if you want to go to their original post.)

I also wore this tank top just last week, but I didn't like the outfit enough to take pictures of it.



  1. dang girl, I don't think I could be convinced that a yellow top is something I needed but now...I may just be on the look out. I think my favorite is the right on top - so cute!

  2. I can never get enough yellow and all these outfits are just awesome. I LOVE the first outfit! It's chic but that pop of color takes it over the top to something really fantastic.

  3. That yellow is such a gorgeous color on you (and not many people can pull it off, so you're a lucky one)! I'm so impressed by your creativity with it! I have some fantastic inspiration for a yellow top in my own closet now...!
    Thanks for joining our link-up!

  4. I never would've dreamed that I would one day think of yellow as the most versatile colour, yet that is what I'm finding and seeing here on you! Love it!!! It makes each outfit! (popping over from 5D5W links)

  5. You did such a great job making that piece so versatile! It's amazing how different one top can look! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  6. I love that all of these outfits are totally different from each other! That is when you know a piece is truly versatile, when it works so well that you can barely register that it's the same blouse! Great job!