Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keep or Donate: Sweater #50 - Poncho

This is the last one, folks! Who knew I'd have exactly 50 sweaters besides the two I acquired during the challenge, and one I got rid of without putting it up for a vote because it never did fit that great, and I found a hole in it. So I guess I had 52 total. That sounds crazy. I would've guessed maybe 30 had you asked me back in January. We'll see how this last vote turns out, and then I'll tally everything up and let you know how many I got rid of with your help!


Donate. I had a feeling that's how this vote would go, which is fine. It does fit me kind of awkwardly. The color's great, though. I'll have to find a red longer-sleeved cardigan to replace it and the other one I tossed.

Last one:


I'll be honest. My cold was still bugging me, and I just felt like wearing a blanket to work. Otherwise, I would've saved this poncho for a weekend look like the ones below.

Previously worn:

The decision's up to you


  1. love how you dressed up that great poncho belted for work. Cozy and chic!!

  2. I like it better when it's open...

  3. I see it ended up in donate, but I really like what you did with it for work. It looks cozy and chic.