Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lose It Challenge: 5-Week Update

As I mentioned about 5 weeks ago, I'm participating in a team wellness challenge at work. This week was our mandatory 5-week "weigh-in" (I put it in quotes since we measure body fat, not weight), and then our final weigh-in is in another 5 weeks. So far, all three members on our team are down in body fat percentage! The male member on our team is kicking both of our female butts since he works out for an hour nearly every night, but I'm just glad we're all down in numbers. Onto my stats:

Initial body fat: 31.6%
5-week body fat: 30.8%
Almost down 1 whole percentage point!

Initial weight: 188 (actually 188.2, but 188 is what I typed into the machine)
Current weight: 185 (actually 185.2, but 185 is what I typed into the machine)
Down 3 pounds!

It's not as far along as I hoped I'd be, but it's going in the right direction, so I'll take it. Ten pounds to go until my goal weight. My food intake has been pretty great lately actually. I've cut way down on snacking, and the only time I really stray is when I go out with friends. I just have to be more of a hermit, and I'll be on my way, haha. I need to be more active, though. Right now, I'm still only doing Zumba on Tuesdays and yoga on Thursdays. Adding more exercise into my routine will definitely get my numbers down faster. But I'm getting there.


  1. great job! my goal weight after pregnancy is 170 (currently at 193). daydreaming of 155 again some day!

    1. I hear ya, girly. I hear ya. You definitely have a better chance of achieving your ultimate goal weight than I do! Especially since you work out. My goal weight has been 150 since I was like 14. Womp womp, haha.

  2. Great Work Rebekah! I wish I only had 10 pounds to go until my goal weight(*Cough* 95 pounds to go until I get to my goal weight which I have not seen since 7th grade. I have 2 years to get there though until I get my ultimate reward of more babies.)Super jealous!

    I just rejoined Weight Watchers again for the second time since having Colton. I joined right after his birth at 6 weeks.... it wasn't happening after 3 months of being on it. No matter how much I tried. I attribute it to breastfeeding (totally different this last time around then with Aubrey. The weight did not just fall off, I actually gained.) and I was not ready or willing to give that up.

    Since he is now nursing only 3-4 times per day I thought it was time to get back on the train. I have lost nearly 10 pounds in a matter of a week. I attribute it to the Activelink. It truly gets me motivated to move more. Taking it off the check if I met my goal yet through out the day and seeing the green lights only light up half way (or whatever) gets me moving more. It is almost like a little competition I am having with myself to see how far I can get it to go. And then plugging it in and seeing 100+% and saying hmmm I wonder if I can get it to 125 or whatever by the end of the day really gets me going.

    In anycase maybe something like Activelink or Fitbit or even some app that you can put on your phone in which you can visually see your activity through out the day will help. Also warm weather coming up should ultimately help as well in getting more activity.

    Anyways Great Work! You look fantastic!


    1. Well, 10 lb until my short-term goal weight when we can start trying for baby #2. My ultimate goal weight would be 150, which is 35 lb away (and also probably about what I weighed in 7th grade), and I don't see myself ever hitting that.

      You are lucky that the weight just falls off of you - both with Aubrey and this time around! I'm jealous of that. I read somewhere that some people were having less success with the new Points Plus program, so I wonder if that's what's going on. But that's great that you found an app that's working for you now.

      Yes, I really need the weather to warm up again. I was doing pretty well with running until it got cold, and I was too wimpy to go outside anymore.

      Thanks for the tips and words of encouragement!