Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living the Bachelorette Life

Last week, my husband and Bridget went off to Maine for his birthday, leaving me at home with the pets since I don't have any spare vacation days this year. Originally, I had big plans for the week - I was going to go out every night, get tons of stuff done around the house, sew a dress or two - I was very ambitious. My cold that I complained about almost all last week made most of those plans undesirable, and all I wanted to do was sleep the first half of the week, but I did get out and have some fun and kept very busy over the weekend.

My fun began on Thursday when I met up with a friend for quick shopping excursion (for her, not me). She had her heart set on this double-wrap leather Michael Kors watch, but in blue. You can see it on the website on the watches  and jewelry landing page, but it's sold out, which we didn't know at the time. We checked Boston Store with no luck. She was also on the hunt for a new top, so we shopped around the mall in search of something for her to spend her money on. Bebe had some cute stuff that was her style, but most of the tops there were bodysuits. ??? I have a personal vendetta against bodysuits from when they were in style in the 90s, but I was always too tall to make them work. Anyway, long story short, she didn't find anything, so we went to my place empty handed to eat Chinese food, drink wine, and watch The Face and Project Runway. That's also when we learned that the blue watch is sold out EVERYWHERE. So if anyone happens to be in a Michael Kors store or department store and sees it, LET ME KNOW! My friend will love you forever.

Friday after work, I went out for drinks at Von Trier for a coworker's going away party. I had never been there before, but they have popcorn sitting out that you can munch on, and they have an extensive drink menu with lots of hot and cold options, so I was set. I ordered a bloody mary, got made fun of for drinking a brunch beverage (happens every time), and followed it with a beer after that.

From there, I met up with friends at España Tapas House to use up a groupon I had purchased. Their specialty is sangria, so three of us ordered some right off the bat from their many flavor options. They were delicious, but I don't know that I've ever had bad sangria. I went with blackberry. We were also very pleased with the food. I wish I had taken pictures of all the food, but I didn't think of it. I think our favorite dish we had was the Croquetas de Jamón, which, taking the description from the menu, is crispy Serrano ham & manchego cheese croquetas served with their house alioli. We steered clear of the squid and the mussels. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. My only complaint is that we never got refills on water, but otherwise, the food and drinks were great, and it helped to have someone at the table who knew some Spanish (our friend K) and was able to pronounce everything. Otherwise, all we would've been able to say was bathroom and library, hahaha. After dinner, the four of us went back to my house to hear all about T's Rock Boat trip and then crashed.

Saturday was the busiest day yet. I drove K and E back to their cars, ran a few errands, and then met back up with them at K's house to scrapbook. I didn't get much done before my stupid tape roller broke, but I did knock out a few pages of my Bridget scrapbook.

After scrapbooking, I drove home to take my dog to the dog park to let her get some exercise before I had to leave again. Then I was off to Lindsey's house for her son Stephen's third birthday party. Up until that point, I was doing pretty well with my Weight Watchers points that week, but I couldn't resist the puppy chow. PUPPPYYYYY CHOWWWWW. Sorry, that's seriously my reaction whenever I see puppy chow. The food was delish, and it was fun to watch the little kids running around with each other. It was too bad Bridget wasn't there to run around with them.

My day was not over yet! I met T at her place, and she drove to Sturtevant of all places (trust me, it's random) to see Will Hoge. I wasn't familiar with him, but he's played the Rock Boat both times T's been on it although she hadn't caught any of his shows. His music was good, and I didn't figure out until halfway through that I was at a country music concert. Some of his songs about tractors had me rolling my eyes on the inside, but otherwise, he was entertaining and put on a good show.

And finally Sunday, I slept in, cleaned the house for my family's arrival back home, and took the dog with me to the airport to pick them up. It seemed like Bridget had aged three years since I had seen her last. She was talking more than I remembered, and she just looked older. And apparently her feet had grown since the shoes I sent her there in no longer fit. She was adorable, though. The first thing she said to me was, "You're back!" as if I had gone somewhere. She's a ham.

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  1. I love puppy chow!

    Also, I hate bodysuits too. Mostly because the majority of people look terrible in them. You have to be a special kind of thin to look good in one.