Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keep or Donate: The Totals

Thanks to everyone who voted and gave me feedback throughout the challenge! I found it very fun and enlightening to get honest opinions on what works and what doesn't by checking the numbers on the polls each day.

Out of 50 Sweaters, I:
  • Got rid of 18
  • Kept 30
  • Stored 2 in the basement for future maternity wear
Let me tell you, there is quite a bit more room in my closet now where all those big bulky sweaters used to be. I've also identified wardrobe holes that I would like to fill at some point:
  • Cozy and casual boyfriend cardigan that's not super bulky and unflattering
  • Red 3/4- or long-sleeve cardigan
  • Sweater dress that's long enough and not too clingy
  • Vest with a deep V
  • Something mint in color (maybe not a sweater)
  • ...More yellow?
You saw my new yellow Uniqlo sweater in my recent shopping post, so to close out all the sweater talk, here's the only one you haven't seen yet in my collection - a birthday present from my in-laws:

Sweater: New York & Company (gift); Scarf: L.L.Bean (gift); Blazer and Cami: New York & Company;
Jeans: Lee via Kohl's; Booties: Mr. Shoe

Now hopefully it'll get warm so that I don't have to wear a sweater for awhile. Or not.


  1. I loved this experiment. It was so much fun! I bet we all could do some version of this to clean our closets out.

    I was starting to get a little worried for your sweater collection at the end though. I kept thinking, "Oh no! There goes another one! She's not going to have any sweaters left!" So, I'm relieved to see that you actually got to keep 30. Lol.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I was starting to worry myself about how many I would have left! It turned out that I wore the sweaters I was least excited about near the end of the challenge, so I wasn't terribly surprised when most of them ended up in the Donate bag.

  2. Well done!!
    It's been fun to follow your purge, and it has given me the spark to attempt something similar.
    30 to keep is not a bad number. You still have plenty. But a curated wardrobe is something to strive for.
    Do we see bottoms next?

    1. Thanks, glad you found it fun! Good luck with your closet cleanout if you decide to take on something similar.

      I don't know if I'll keep going with the rest of my wardrobe. I think I've been pretty good about getting rid of things that don't work for me except when it came to sweaters, which I held onto forever. So we'll see if it comes to that.