Monday, July 11, 2011

TV Character Style: Divya Katdare from Royal Pains

Royal Pains is one of the many, many doctor shows that my husband DVRs, but it took me awhile to get into it. Even now, the number one reason I watch is to see what Divya Katdare, played by Reshma Shetty, is wearing. I'm so glad she didn't go to London and marry Raj because she can still be on the show now!

Being a permanent summer fixture in the Hamptons, Divya has the perfect easy, breezy summer wardrobe and always looks super high class. And the girl knows how to accessorize. Not to mention she's gorgeous, and I wouldn't mind looking like her, too, in addition to stealing her entire closet.

Looks from this Season

Grape colored dress worn with a pendant necklace and a pink clutch

Gold shimmery crop top worn with white capris and cardigan and a large pink bag

I love the colors of this one--bright blue tank worn with yellow shorts, sandals, and a long multicolored necklace

Orange tank worn with a gold pendant necklace, bangle bracelet, and pewter leather shorts

Chain necklace, orange tank, large pink bag again, white pants

I had a cropping malfunction with a few of these, so I accidentally lost the bottoms of these screenshots.  Anyway, short black dress, long necklace, side bun, yellow belt, and a multicolored clutch (not shown)

Tank with stud details, cardigan, black shorts.  She was also wearing pink heels, I believe, but they also fell victim to accidental cropping.

Get the Look

Divya's go-to outfit formula is skinny pants (although it's looking like more shorts so far this season), loose tank top, drapey cardigan or vest, chunky jewelry, huge snakeskin handbag, and sandals.

Divya Katdare

I'm thinking I need to get me some loose, drapey tanks and definitely some more cute pants and shorts. More items to add to the list of things to buy once I have money, I guess!


  1. She always looks so cute and polished but beach godess too!
    I agree with the loose tanks, I want a black racer back especially!


  2. I want the pink bag she's carrying (everywhere!) this season...any idea where to purchase it...?

  3. I don't know, but I'll try to find out and get back to you!

  4. The bag she's carrying is the Dooney and Bourke, Large Slim Tote in magenta! I hope that helps.

  5. Thanks so much for the info! A lot of people seem to be interested in it.

  6. No, not Dooney! It is definitely a Brahmin Bag! She carries a different Brahmin bag each season.

  7. It's definitely not Dooney and Bourke because the shape is different. I searched every Brahmin site and can't find it there either. If anyone comes up with the answer, I'd love to know.