Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Matchy Matchy Biz Cas

Top and Skirt: NY&Co; Sandals and Sunglasses: Target; Necklace and Bracelet: Kohl's

All black and red, nothing too interesting to see here, except that:
  • I like my new safari shirt from NY&Co. Dangit, I avoided that store for months, but it drew me back in. I can't resist affordable business casual attire apparently.
  • My friend who I had lunch with Monday complimented my skirt.
  • I ran into a lady in the bathroom who was wearing basically the exact same outfit - black top, red and black skirt, red necklace - except she had on red shoes. We were washing our hands at the same time, and the mirror images were amusing.

1 comment:

  1. Cute skirt! I can't resist affordable business attire either. The store that does me in is Loft. I told myself I wouldn't shop again for a while yet I have 2 items from Loft in my shopping cart right now. I haven't checked out though, trying to keep my will power!