Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Attempted Running Today

And it was miserable.

Before (there is no after picture)

I ventured out in my Saucony cross trainers (because I have no running shoes) and leggings to prevent jiggling and chafing (good decision. I think I would've been even more miserable without); and against my better judgment, I brought the dog. She had been exercise-less since we got back from Maine, so I felt sorry for her. Hubs stole the headphones, so I was also without music. These two factors probably didn't help matters.

From my running research last night, I learned that I should do a 5-minute warm-up, which I equated to a brisk walk. Once out of my subdivision, I took a deep, dramatic breath, probably said "here we go" to myself, and start a-running.

Let's just say, it quickly turned into an interval workout instead of just running. I ran for maybe 3-4 minutes, then got tired, noticed my left knee was hurting, and began to walk. After 5 minutes of walking, I decided I better run again. That time I only made it maaaaaybe a minute before my knee hurt again, and my fat started itching. Does this happen to anyone else? Probably not, but it happens to me all the time whenever I attempt to run. My fat jiggles and itches like crazy. Mostly my love handles. TMI? Maybe I should just wear shapewear whenever I run, but that doesn't sound comfortable in the least.

On top of that, apparently all the rabbits in the neighborhood are out at 7 in the morning, and Dela wanted to chase them all. Dumb dog. She kept pulling and getting in my way, and I just wanted to kick her in the butt and set her free. But I resisted and grumbled and swore at her instead.

Anyway, I continued these unbalanced intervals of more walking and way less running, and I noticed that the itching and knee hurting stopped, but then my hips started to hurt, which continued the rest of the way whether walking or running.

I only made it 40 minutes including stretching at the end, but it's a start, right? Too bad I never want to do it again. The good news is, I'm starting to feel OK already. My right hip is still a little sore, but otherwise OK.

So now I have questions for the many runners out there:

  • Where is the best place to buy running shoes, and how much can I expect to spend? Keep in mind, I'm a beginner who doesn't stick to anything.
  • What do you recommend for running attire? This is the fun part - clothes shopping.
  • Have you ever run with a dog, and do you have any tips?
  • Do you have any knowledge as to why my hips were hurting? If it's just my being out of shape, that's fine, but I'm wondering if it's my form.
  • Do you run with a water bottle? I didn't this time.
  • Favorite song to run to? I gotta make a mix.

Who am I kidding? I probably will never do this again... But here's hoping I do!


  1. I decided to start jogging/running (very slowly) this summer. I just wear shorts and a large t-shirt, but the mesh running shorts are nice as well. As for sneakers, I would get something with a cushy sole because otherwise the impact is very uncomfortable. I got my shoes at kohls. They have a great selection of sneakers for anyone.

  2. Brisk walking is great exercise and far less jarring on the knees and hips. Good shoes make a big difference.

  3. I like clothes from Target, though those in need of more chest support might prefer REI or athleta (talked about my gear here: I got my shoes in IL, but there's a very similar shop in the third ward on Milwaukee & Buffalo (?). Mine were $110 or so, but I apparently over pronate so had limited choices. I don't know how important shoes are for shorter distance running (I probably should've replaced mine a year ago). My dog was terrible at running with me (as she was pretty awful at walking on a leash, too, so no tips there). I don't know on the hips---I used to have hip & knee pains, but they just faded out over time (not saying that's a wise strategy) I never feel sore after running unless I go way beyond my usual on the treadmill (e.g. somehow crank out 5.5 miles, etc). I don't run with a water bottle, but I usually only run 2-4 miles outside. I like "Eye of the Tiger", "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree".

    I don't think I'll ever love running, but I give it all the credit for keeping me in decent shape/getting and keeping pounds off. When I started I def couldn't run more than half a mile---I think your strategy of running/walking sound great. I know a lot of people like the "couch to 5k" program. Once you can run a couple of miles, sign up for a 5k! That's my best motivation for staying on track.

    Anywho, happy running if you decide to give it another chance! :)

  4. (And you may know this from my blog, but---aside from 5Ks---I do most of my running inside on the treadmill, because I like to watch commercial-free TV shows on my iPad the whole time...otherwise I'm too bored. That said, I love that running is something you can do anywhere with limited gear & just hit the road...but I prefer the treadmill. I think most serious runners feel the opposite. But I like TV ;-D)

  5. Hi Rebekah!
    1. Good job for getting out there and getting some exercise!
    2. If I go out with my dog, I don't go longer than 30 minutes at the absolute max. Dogs (at least mine) aren't really built for long distance running but they will push themselves to keep going because they love you.
    3. I wear barefoot shoes after reading the book Born to Run because I'm operating under the theory that feet are built for running and they don't need the supports the Nike company has brainwashed us into believing.
    4. Start slow. Write yourself a calendar of goals.
    5. I definitely wear a good bra (my more voluptuous friends wear two!) non-chafing shorts like you mentioned, and I bring my music, but not my water with me. Water is for before and after.
    6. I put happy, upbeat pop songs in my ipod to keep me bouncy!
    7. Good luck!

  6. Awesome Bekah!! I cant wait to start running again! My hints are: #1 Leave the dog at home!! Running is a great time to zone out, listen to music, and enjoy being alone... having a dog yank you everywhere doesn't allows you that. #2 Run on your toes (each step should be a toe-heal-toe rocking motion). If you run on your toes you provide more cushion to your joints and your knees shouldn't hurt as much. 3# Stretch after your warm up. if your hips are hurting make sure your stretch them out before you start your work out. Also, make sure your are actually warm (aka sweating a little) before you stretch (you dont want to pull anything). #4 Go to a running store and talk with the staff about what shoes will work best for you. Running shoes are made differently for body type and running style/form. They should choose a shoe for you that will help keep the aches and pains to a minimum. Running shoes cost between an average of $75 - $150. With many pairs you can find last seasons colors on sites like, saving you some money. #5 Once you figure out what your pace is choose music that has the same tempo. Personally I like angry music (like lincoln park to keep me going) or Chick Rock (so I can day dream that I am a rock star :) ) #6 Finally, Talk to Amanda (cousin). She would be a wealth of knowledge!

    Oh and here is an article I found called Couch to 5K. You were doing it right by running and walking. You don't want to burn yourself out by pushing to hard, making it no fun, and causing injuries. This workout is great. Enjoy!

    Oh and when the workout says 200 yards or 90 seconds. If you dont want to be stuck looking at your watch counting down the seconds, just figure out the average distance between the electrical/telephone poles along the road and use those for reference.


  7. I was cracking up about the fat itching. My guess is that you just have dry skin; dry skin tends to itch when you get really warm/sweaty, so, I'd recommend you start using a good moisturizer when you get out of the shower. I have really dry skin so sometimes I use a smallllll amount of Vaseline.

    1. Oh and by the way, what kind of leash do you use? Usually people who run with their dogs use the retractable kind since it is difficult to keep the same pace; however, your dog probably needs obedience training before you can take her running (that should help keep her from doing what dogs naturally like to do, chase things).

  8. I feel your pain. I hate running because my knees can't take it. I'd rather bathe in a barrel of lard than be forced to run.

  9. Hi there - long time lurker first time poster here
    what caffeinerd said - couch to 5k is a really good start and I know loads of people who've used it happily
    Look into getting an Enell bra - your 'girls' will never bother you again
    nothing cotton ever. Dri-fit/coolmax (whatever) - I run in bike-style shorts (keeps the love handles where I want them and no chafing) and t-shirt or a singlet (tank).
    when my hips hurt it usually means I'm not using my core muscles properly
    Also if you have any stretches for your IT band that can help.
    I don't know what the weather is like where you are but I get itchy when it's hot and windy/dusty. Maybe a preparatory claratyne or something like that?
    I have a waist water bottle for longer runs and a camelbak for really long outings. I hate holding things in my hands and it might do your head in with the dog as well. Usually I do ok with just a drink beforehand, and maybe a sip from a garden tap somewhere along the way (if you keep running you will learn the location of all the taps in your neighbourhood!)
    any sort of song that makes you smile, you'll be humming along to it in your head and have done another minute before you know it.
    good luck and have fun :)

  10. I have the jiggling issues too, when I run I tend to wear as much spandex as possible. At first I was a little bit self-concious about it in public, but I figure everyone else be damned, I need to be comfortable. It really does make running a lot easier.

    Last summer when I started running, my hips and knees were sore at first, but after a few weeks they stopped hurting. Now it's just every once in a while if I do a longer run, so maybe you'll adjust?

    As for the water bottle, I tend to just hydrate as much as possible before I leave, and guzzle water down when I get back, because I find it awkward to carry one. If I can, I run through a park with a water fountain.

    Hope that helps!!