Saturday, July 21, 2012

Running Attempt #2

First of all, thank you for all your comments on my last running post! I really appreciated the advice and words of encouragement!

Before. OK I'm really going to clean that mirror today...

Things went slightly better this time. Hubs insisted I take the dog again, but at least I had music. I downloaded Fun's CD onto my phone, which worked out pretty well. Some of the songs were great, like "Some Nights" for walking and "It Gets Better" for running, but the end of the CD was kind of slow. I'll have to switch it up next time.

As recommended, I used a retractable leash this time, and that helped. Plus, there were fewer bunnies this time, thankfully. I think I only saw one. The spandex shirt was a great idea - no jiggling or itching to speak of. I "ran" 50 minutes this time - 10 minutes longer than last time.

Now for the negatives. I definitely did not run anymore than last time. There was a lot of walking going on. Although the tighter shirt improved things, it also rode up as I ran. I ended up having to tuck it into my pants. I don't know, maybe I should go up another size, but I already bought one size larger than what I usually wear at Old Navy. Even though it looked kind of dorky, tucking the shirt in worked fine. I somehow lost my headband at some point, too. That was annoying. The only other problem I had with what I was wearing was with the headphones. I have the kind that clip to your ears, and they kept bouncing around and almost coming off. I'll have to buy a different kind.

I didn't have any knee pain this time, but I did get the achy hip halfway through again, and I'm sure it'll stick with me for a few days like last time. I'm starting to think one of my legs is longer than the other or something.

About halfway through, I turned from the bike trail onto the city streets. I stopped short when I saw tons of people running by. Oh jeez, there was some sort of run going on. And none of them were wearing spandex. For a second, I considered joining them, but that wasn't feasible with the dog. I retraced my steps on the bike trail and took back roads back home. When the sidewalk ended, I tried to get Dela to walk on my left side so that she wouldn't get hit by a car, but that dumb dog kept crossing over to the right side, which is the side that's she's used to. Uggghhh, I so don't want to take the dog next time.

When I was about to turn into the subdivision, I saw another race go by, but this was a bunch of bikers. What the heck? Anyway, I finally made it home and walked in to find Bridget watching The Lion King AGAIN!

So yeah, I still hate running and think it's overrated.

Sorry if this is choppy and disjointed. I kept having to walk away and take care of stuff.

After. This picture does not accurately depict how red my face was and how sweaty I was overall.


  1. The only running shirts I use are nike dri-fit... I don't have problems with them riding up, and they are usually on the long side, which is good for me since I have a long torso! :)

    Don't get discouraged with ppl passing you running; we all have to start somewhere! :)

  2. Here is my advice for you from someone who just started running a year ago: it gets better. When I first started running I could barely go 5 mins before my knee started killing me, and yeah it was discouraging being passed by EVERYONE, but I kept at it. I would recommend getting professionally fitted for shoes (there is a great place called performance running outfitters in Shorewood. They watch you run on the treadmill with a camera on your feet so you can watch how you run. Most people pronate one way or the other and they can help get you shoes to off set that. Yes you will end up spending about $100 on shoes, but it will totally help and be motivation to keep running. I would ditch the dog as well. In the beginning you should run at your pace and not have to worry about someone/thing else. You should look into doing there couch to 5K. I know a lot of people that have done that. Also, sign up for a 5K in a couple months as extra motivation. I know the color run is August 24th, which would be an awesome first 5K as there are people who will walk the entire thing. And don't worry about the super red face. Everyone gets that. A few friends and I always laugh at how red our faces stay after we are done running. Good Luck!

  3. Nice job!

    One of my favorite quotes "I hate running, but it makes the other 23 hours a day just soooo much better!"

  4. Or the other one "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

    1. I love this quote!
      Rebakah, I'm so glad you tried again! No worries about the sweaty face, mine turns RED and very sweaty every time. I also make sure I have nothing but upbeat songs for the run.

  5. maybe running isn't your thing - that's ok! Do you have a bike?

  6. I usually just read your blog and don't comment, but I just love running, so I have to but in :)
    Don't feel bad about doing the running and walking!! Before I had my baby (15 months ago) I used to run everyday, and that is how I started. I had actually read an article about how if you started training doing intervals that it was better for you, and helped to prevent injury. So, I would run 5 minutes then walk one. When I got better I would run seven then walk one... and I kept increasing as I went. It definitely made the running easier....since I was only trying to make it 5 minutes, instead of an hour...or however long I wanted to run.

    Also, my tops always rode up....loose or tight...I just pulled them down.

    And don't worry about being red when you are done. I would come back from my runs soaked from head to toe with But, it feels so good once you get in the shower :)

    Good luck!!

  7. woo hoo on getting out there and running again!! I have started running again too...I am at 4 miles now. I just hate the fact it is so hot, so I also have been running on the treadmill...boring!! Clothing wise, I hate to say I have no advice...I wear a running shorts and a moisture wick t-shirt from Target!! Keep it up!!
    I get so red when I run that the first time I came home, my kids asked me what was wrong with me!!