Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hanson at Summerfest

Here's what I wore, and yes, our grass is very brown. We have not had rain in long time.

Dress and Sandals: Target; Top: American Eagle; Bracelets: Mexicali Blues and Pandora; Sunglasses: Express

Sunday night exceeded my expectations. Usually, because I’m a pretty optimistic person, and I’m spoiled when it comes to Hanson, I tend to build up unrealistic expectations. But this time, I thought realistically and was pleasantly surprised around every turn.
  1. I assumed we’d be at least five rows back since I knew some fans were going to be arriving at 9 AM. We actually ended up in the third row of bleachers and had a pretty great view.
  2. I assumed they would play all their singles and popular songs that most people would know and like. However, I didn’t expect some surprises like “And I Waited” and “Oh Darlin’” (turns out I’m a Zac fan now...).
  3. I assumed the crowd would be drunk, pushy, and annoying. Actually, the exact opposite happened, which shocked me most of all. I only saw one drunk annoying girl who was yelling at people for not standing up during the band who played before Hanson. Otherwise, everyone was pretty courteous. I guess we Hanson fans and Summerfest goers have matured!
Oh and we saw a celebrity (from afar)! Frankie Muniz is friends with Hanson, and he was at the show, hanging out at the side of the stage. It was kind of trippy to see him and his buddies jamming out to “MMMBop.” You can see his back in this picture I took of the backstage area. Frankie's the guy in the gray T-shirt. (Taylor's in the white T-shirt, and Zac is in the yellowish button-up shirt talking to Frankie.)

Besides the HOURS AND HOURS of waiting (I got there at 1ish, and the show wasn’t until 9:30), and even though we didn’t get pictures with the guys, I was pretty satisfied with the night. Since we wanted to save our spots, we didn’t do a whole lot of wandering around, but I did get out a couple times to grab food and scope out the backstage situation. The guys poked their heads out a couple times, but that was about it.

Partway through our long day of waiting

To kill the time, we also made lists of our favorite bands, and I finally made a list of all the Hanson concerts I’ve been to. We were all varying degrees of shocked and appalled by each other’s lists for Top 5 bands, but it was a hard list to make I thought. I’m not as crazy about anyone as I am for Hanson. Speaking of, this show was my 45th Hanson show.

I love this review of the show from jsonline:

Someone at Summerfest seriously underestimated the size of the Hanson fan base. The brotherly band largely, and incorrectly, classified as the one-hit wonder behind 1997 earworm "MMMBop," was designated to one of the Big Gig's smaller stages, the Potawatomi Bingo Casino Stage & Pavilion, for its Sunday headlining set.
Even with people standing on top of each other on benches and picnic tables, fans still spilled out into the main drag.

Yeah, we fans could've told you that they needed to be on a bigger stage. But I was just thankful that we were under a cover instead of being out in the sun all day. It's always nice when people realize that Hanson are so much more than just "MMMBop."

Here are some of my pictures from the show. You can check out the rest in my Facebook album.

My view

Acoustic set




Final bow


  1. Our grass is in drought shock as well. Hurts to walk on it barefoot--poor Indy.

  2. I like how mowing is still happening though. Even if it's brown, it has to be the right height! I'm glad you had a good time and more importantly were out of the sun!

    1. Yeah I have no idea why our neighbor's yard looks so nicely mowed. We haven't had to mow in like a month or so. The grass just isn't growing.

  3. haha you're right we are soooo spoiled when it comes to Hanson. I always want more even though I should be happy with everything we've experienced, but yes I was pleasently surprised too with the crowd and our spots and everything! If only we could have gotten there I go again being spoiled :-)

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! Love how you styled that top with the fuller skirt!!

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