Wednesday, September 12, 2012

American Idol Tour 2012

The girls

My parents

Opening number

Phillip and Elise laughing about something

Oh hey, Colton (my favorite. He had a ton of fans there actually.)

This is probably my favorite picture from the night.
I enjoyed all the silliness even though I wasn't in on the joke most of the time.

You can see the rest of my pics in my Facebook album, including the picture I got with Jessica before the show.


  • While I was trying to take my friend's picture with Deandre, a bee kept chasing me because I had spilled soda on my shirt, so I was freaking out and running away, and Deandre kept telling me the bee was still there.
  • We originally had 20th row seats but upgraded to 10th row the day of. Then, when we spotted open  2nd row seats (in what later appeared to be the VIP/family section), we took advantage of those once the show started.
  • Another benefit to our really close seats was being right by the side stage area and watching some of the idols hang out there while they weren't on stage. That was fun to see. At one point, they were scanning the crowd, looking right as us, presumably looking for their families. That's when we really knew we were more than likely in an area intended for the VIPs.
  • I know Colton singing a Switchfoot song was a highlight for my dad, so I'll include that in here, too.
  • Phillip wasn't scheduled to perform until the second half of the show, but he made a brief booty-shaking appearance during "Party Rock Anthem."
  • Some of the production crew came up on stage during one of the songs and danced.
  • No one yelled at us when we stood up during the show! That's an improvement from last year.
  • During the last song, when they kicked their feet up at one point, Erika's (and maybe Deandre's too?) shoe came flying off. Luckily, it just flew right back at her and not at someone in the crowd, but it was hilarious.

The only thing I can really complain about, and only because I'm spoiled, is that only Deandre and Jessica came out to sign autographs. We figured since it was their last show, everyone would make a point to come out, but that wasn't the case. Apparently they were busy filming something. Who knows.

Here's what I wore:

Black cords for work and red jeans for the show.
Top: Rock & Republic (Kohl's); Bracelets: Kohl's and gift; Shoes: Kohl's; Cords: Gap; Jeans: Old Navy; Bag: Target

While the chest area fits true to size, the bottom of this top is rather tent-like and huge. It's probably intentional, but it doesn't look good on me. I remedied the problem with a strategically placed brooch.


  1. I love your solution for the too big shirt.

  2. I met Colton at the Nashville Fray/Kelly Clarkson show last night. He had a ton of people crowding around him, and I had no idea who he was since I haven't watched Idol since the days of Daughtry! He was a little overwhelmed by all of the attention, but his hair looked magnificent lol.