Thursday, September 6, 2012

America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 2 Recap

Since I was on vacay when the episode aired, I didn't end up watching it until last night. But I wanted to get a recap up in the hopes that I'll actually keep it up the entire season. We'll see about that.


Friday's episode began with Tyra revealing a new aspect of the show - the Tyra Suite! The suite is furnished with a bigger bed and a fashion closet that the best photo winner that week can enjoy with another person of her choice. Not only that, challenge winners now earn $10,000 scholarship money for each challenge they win, but they can only collect if they are deemed America's Next Top Model in the end. Those are some pretty sweet incentives!

Victoria is a character, isn't she? I know Tyra loves oddness in a model, so Victoria could actually go pretty far. She seems to have some natural modeling talent although she's so socially awkward. "I was a groundbreaker tonight. I broke the ground." So yeah, besides being obsessed with her mom, she may be delusional, too. Being a mom myself, while I like the idea of being best friends with my daughter in theory, I'm hoping Bridget stays independent and wants to have a boyfriend someday.

Anyway, we are...moving on! I may have just quoted an attraction at Universal Studios, but I digress.

Hottie Rob Evans came in with a bunch of dancing fellas (random) and announced that the girls were headed to Hollywood. When they arrived at the club, the girls met Jonte (pronounced Jon-Tee), their movement coach/Miss J replacement?, and learned that they would be doing a runway show. Normally, at least in past cycles, the point is not to be too hoochie. That rule has apparently gone out the window completely. Yvonne ended up winning by kicking her leg up to her head a couple times. At least Leila ran into the ring that was hanging in the middle of the runway. Running into things mid-catwalk always makes for good television. (Anyone remember the pendulum from Cycle 14?)

After the runway show, P'Trique, made famous by Sh*t Fashion Girls Say, gave the girls a hint about their photo shoot.

Cut to the girls in the house, where some drama is erupting. It was inevitable, but surprisingly, it was Destiny and Kiara duking it out. I was sure Kristin was going to start something. Maybe in time. Destiny got offended and thought Kiara insinuated that Destiny was a stripper. I thought she was being too sensitive, but I'm sure I'd get upset about everything if I were living in a house with that many girls I didn't know.


Next up was the taxidermy photo shoot where the girls posed like animal heads on a wall. It was kind of a cool concept in that they had to learn how to portray the desired effect just using their faces. Most of the girls did pretty well, but the few that struggled were Destiny, Jessie (because she couldn't put her best asset through the hole instead...her booty), and Maria. Is it just me, or do the highly intellectual girls tend to struggle? Maria reminded me of Victoria from Cycle 9, who just seemed to think she was above the whole competition. Now Elyse from Cycle 1...she's a different story - an intellectual with actual modeling chops. By the way, this is what happens whenever I watch ANTM. Current girls always end up reminding me of past girls.

Cray (source)

As much as I miss Mr. Jay, I don't hate Johnny Wujek. He's nice to look at, and he seems to be pretty positive during photo shoots. I'm not sure he's quite as fierce and funny as Mr. Jay, but maybe we just haven't seen all sides of Johnny yet.


As for blogger Bryan Boy, we found out his role during judging. He appeared to deliver the fan vote totals, give the girls feedback from the public, and show some videos submitted by viewers. So far, I could take or leave him.

Tyra explained that eliminations would be based on the judges' scores (each judge gave the girls' pictures a score from 1 to 10) + the challenge score + the fan vote. The girl with the lowest score would go home. Or would they?? The eliminated will actually participate in the rest of the photo shoots, which we already knew, and have the opportunity to win a spot back into the house if they received the highest social media score. I'm not exactly sure how that will all work, but it'll be interesting if it happens.

Here was the callout order:
  1. Leila 
  2. Nastasia 
  3. Brittany 
  4. Laura 
  5. Kristin 
  6. Kiara 
  7. Yvonne 
  8. Allyssa 
  9. Victoria 
  10. Darian 
  11. Maria 
  12. Destiny
Eliminated for now: Jessie

Tomorrow's show should be highly entertaining. The previews showed that for the first time, the girls get to choose if they want to get a makeover or not. Not surprisingly, it looks like Maria thinks she knows best and is resisting. As for the dynamic in the house, Kiara continues to get into arguments and stir up more drama. And if that's not enough draw, for the photo shoot the models are posing topless with Rob Evans.

I guess I should make some predictions.
For the win: Leila. It's too early in the cycle. At this point, I'm just stealing other people's predictions.
Eliminated next: Maria. This may be too obvious and thus not true based on the previews, but there's no way she's going to last too much longer.


  1. I really like all of the new extras that Tyra has thrown in all over the place. She is not only giving the girls the opportunity of a lifetime but is also trying to get them to do their best so they can earn scholarship money. Tyra says that her goal with the College Edition is to get to know the contestants more rather than just teaching them. I’ve got my Hopper DVR set to record the entire season and with 2,000 hours of space that shouldn’t even make a dent in the recording time. A Dish co-worker and I were talking about the new season a few weeks ago and that’s when I decided I needed to upgrade. I knew that there would be at least one girl uncomfortable with the idea of posing nude but it is a part of the fashion industry. Besides, the model they are posing with is cute enough and the way that the pictures are done is tasteful and not necessarily revealing.

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