Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out at Bayshore Mall

Last night, a friend and I attended the Fashion's Night Out event at Bayshore Mall. In addition to food, music, and discounts, another draw of the evening was the fashion show. The first half of the show featured styles you could purchase from stores in the mall. The second half was the fun part.

As a preview to their September 21 re-purposed runway competition show, fashion designers from RedLine Milwaukee presented looks that were created using recycled materials. It reminded us of the unconventional challenge episodes from Project Runway, and it was really impressive to hear how long the designers spent on some of these looks. A couple of them took over 100 hours to make!

Here are each of the looks from that portion of the show:

Is it wrong that I kind of want that wine cork dress? Haha.

This one with the daisies was my favorite dress of the show,
but it probably doesn't hurt that the model's gorgeous.

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