Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Wore to FNO

We had a little situation this morning with Bridget, so now I'm sitting at home doing this post. She got sick in the car, but I'm hoping she'll feel well enough for me to take her to daycare this afternoon. She sure isn't acting sick at the moment.

Here's what I wore to work and then Fashion's Night Out last week.

Blazer: Gap; Pants: NY&Co; Tee and Tank: Old Navy; Sunglasses: Target; Watch: Michael Kors; Shoes: Mr. Shoe

I wore the blazer for work and then changed into the vest afterwards for some shopping and for Inspiration Monday.

Vest: Old Navy; Bag: Michael Kors

At the end of the night, I had bought two pencil skirts, two belts, a blouse, and a few things for Bridget. My more retrained friend bought herself a top at H&M. I haven't rubbed off on her completely shopping-wise, but the two of us tend to be a bad influence on each other food-wise, though, as we ended up eating frozen yogurt for dinner. When we used to live together, cereal was a normal meal for us, and I seem to recall her having Oreos for dinner a time or two. But now we're both responsible adults and parents, so that never happens anymore...yeah right.


  1. i think oreas make a suitable dinner every once in a while!! i love that vest. they are sold out online at old navy and i'm very upset about it! you look great!

  2. I too had frozen yogurt for dinner after FNO! I love how you transformed your outfit from day to night with the vest!!

  3. Love those pants and love that you showed two outfits with them; so versatile!

    Also, how was FNO for you? A couple New York bloggers said the crowds were ridiculous, and drunk, and that it was more like a party than a shopping event. I was curious how a non-New York FNO went.

    1. Sounds like it was the exact opposite. In the mall, it wasn't busy at all, so that was all shopping + a fashion show. I hit up downtown Milwaukee's FNO events first right after work. One of shops was serving alcohol, but it was 5:00, so it wasn't busy yet. I'm going to go with "very subdued" as my answer unless the party picked way up after I left.

  4. cute boots!

    xo Jennifer

  5. great boots and i really like that vest
    i am not a big vest person, but i think i will be on the look out after seeing yours