Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ankle Socks and Mary Janes

Blouse: Fred Boutique; Skirt: NY&Co; Bracelet: Kohl's; Shoes: Famous Footwear

I liked the idea of this outfit. I was going for a teacher/student kind of look for Everybody, Everywear Back to School fashion. Something seems a bit off, though. Every time I see ankle socks on other people, I think it's really cute, but maybe it's not me. Or maybe I'll have to try it in a different context. The open back of this blouse is cute, though.

Bridget, on the other hand, pulls off the ankle sock look effortlessly.

Dress and T-shirt: H&M; Shoes: Kohl's

Unfortunately, after Bridget got sick in the car as I mentioned yesterday, we both had to change our clothes. Fortunately, I liked my second outfit of the day better, but that one will be in another post.

EBEW - Back To School


  1. That blouse is adorable! I hopped over from the EBEW challenge. :)


  2. Bridget looks darling, as always. Love the jumper with brass buttons.

  3. Cute shirt!

    I think the problem with your socks+mary janes is that they are the same color; contrast usually looks better when wearing socks with heels.

    1. You have all sorts of great suggestions. That makes a lot of sense; I'll have to try more contrast to my socks and shoes next time.