Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Pack Go

When I saw this week's Inspiration Monday picture, I couldn't help but notice that Olivia Palermo's wearing Packers colors. Since the Packers are playing today, I guess it's pretty appropriate! Go Pack! OK, I really don't care about football, and I had to check their schedule to figure out there was a game, but I can confidently say I didn't feel weird wearing yellow and green together around here. I just felt like a loyal fan. So there's that.

Cardigan and Tank Top: Old Navy; Jacket: L.L.Bean; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Vince Camuto;
Bracelet: Target; Sunglasses: Express

I only wore those black shoes, which have like 4-inch heels, for the pictures, and then I changed into flats for church.


  1. Ha, love the inspiration of football colours! Lovely cheerful outfit, great inversion of the scheme!

  2. Well FUN!!! Same colors just opposite on items. cool. I dig it!!!

  3. I am sure at least half your state is wearing green and yellow today!!
    Love that bright coat and how you style it with the green pants and neutral top!!

  4. while i can't ever say that i like the packers (go vikes!), i do like your outfit!! yellow looks great on you!

  5. popping over from Two Birds
    a true packers fan lol
    such a cute little yellow coat you are sporting