Sunday, September 16, 2012

America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 4 Recap

The episode began with some drama between Kristin and the rest of the girls in the house, especially Destiny. First, Kristin complained about always getting the "too pretty" critique and not wanting to rely on the fan votes each week. Then, she angered Destiny by taking a lighter out of Destiny's bag without permission. It escalated to Kristin yelling "hit me!" and then stating she was going to piss off all the girls in the house in order to get them to hit her and be kicked off. Well, that's one strategy, I guess.

Next was the acting challenge with Tyler Perry. Tyra and Tyler assigned each girl a persona (diva, tourist, rapper, and street performer) that they had to act out in public on the street. Most of the girls did pretty well since they had Tyra and Tyler in their ear the whole time.


The only one they really showed struggling was Leila. Although Yvonne boasted about her acting experience, the winner of the challenge was Kiara with her portrayal of a diva.

For the photo shoot, the girls headed to Universal Studios to the War of the Worlds set, where the girls would be transformed into zombies.


Along with Jonny Wujek, Bryan Boy also joined them on set to give them some social media feedback to incorporate into their photo. Some of the standouts were Brittany, Laura, and Leila, who have all been doing consistently well so far. Johnny told Allyssa she was being too sexy, and he said once again how he didn't enjoy working with Kristin because she relied too much on being pretty. Destiny gave her standard dead eyes, which you think would've worked with taxidermy and zombie shoots, but they didn't.

It's a pretty short recap today since not a whole lot happened. Plus, I was distracted by Bridget while I was watching, so I may have missed stuff. Anyway, in panel, the callout order was:

1. Laura
2. Leila
3. Brittany
4. Allyssa
5. Kiara
6. Nastasia
7. Victoria
8. Kristin
9. Yvonne

Eliminated for now: Destiny

On the next episode, Alicia Keys visits, and the girls do a cheerleading photo shoot and a charity fashion show. We also see Laura crying about Leila saying she's obsessed with herself. Oh no, hopefully that doesn't mean one of them is going home! They're probably the two strongest in the house right now.

For the win: Leila
Eliminated next week: Kristin...wishful thinking

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