Friday, September 28, 2012

Running Update

Yesterday morning was probably my most successful run to date. I jogged the majority of the time, I wasn't in any pain really, and the dog didn't drive me crazy. In fact, since it's dark out during the time I'm running, I'm thankful to have the dog around just for some extra safety – not that where I live is unsafe, but you never know. Unfortunately, my morning started at 3:45 instead of 5 when my alarm was set to go off.

Before you give me too much credit, I'll admit that I've only been running about once a week lately. It's better than nothing, though, right?

Yesterday, I woke up at 3:45 to the cat growling at the dog, tried to fall asleep again, but then decided to just stay awake. I figured one more hour of sleep might just make me more tired when my alarm went off. After wasting time on my phone for a half hour or so, I got ready and got out the door a little after 5. Since I knew it was going to be a little chilly, I layered over my tank top a long-sleeved shirt I had bought about four years ago during the short stint where I dumped a lot of money into biking. It actually worked out perfectly since the biking shirt has two large pockets in the back where I stored my phone for music and a couple bags to pick up dog poop if need be.

Instead of listening to pump-me-up music, I decided to check out the new Ben Folds Five album I downloaded and go for more chill music instead. It worked out pretty well for me this time. Maybe I push myself too much when I have Foo Fighters blaring in my ears, or maybe I'm slowly becoming more in shape, but I felt like I was able to pace myself and not get as worn out.


As for the album, I like every song I've heard so far, which is unusual for me the first time I hear new music from an artist I like. Normally, I have to warm up to the new stuff.

Although I warmed up quickly once I started running, I don't know how much longer this is going to last in the increasingly cold weather. I wasn't a fan of being cold during the five minutes of my warm-up walk. Very soon, I'll have to put on gloves and maybe buy some full-length spandex pants. Hopefully I can keep getting out there for the next month at least. I'm always amazed by how people run in the winter. Maybe I'll have to start going to the fitness center at work instead. Or maybe I'll just get fatter.

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  1. Running in the winter is definitely a challenge. I definitely rely on my clip-on blinky lights, my neon jacket or white puffy vest, fingerless gloves, and a few reflective banks. I've only been running once a week recently, too. It's way better than nothing!