Monday, September 10, 2012

America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 3 Recap

From the very beginning of the episode, I could tell that Darian was probably going home from the way she was hating on Leila for getting best picture even though Darian had experience walking in New Orleans Fashion Week.

But who cares because it's MAKEOVER WEEK! The happiest week of an ANTM cycle. Did anyone notice how freakishly tan Cristophe, the owner of the salon was?

So. Tan. (Source)

With another twist to the norm, they announced that for the first time, the girls could decide whether they wanted to receive a makeover or not. Not surprisingly, Maria turned down the makeover, as did Victoria. The difference was, Victoria felt horrible about it afterwards and left her hair wavy as a change. I couldn't help but notice Victoria said "simular" instead of "similar." Sorry, that grated on my eardrums a little.

Here's how the other makeovers went:

Nastasia and Laura (Source)

  • Darian went from braids to a long layered bob.
  • Krisitin got bangs and shoulder-length hair.
  • Nastasia's hair was about the same but even fuller and curlier than before.
  • Kiara lost part of her eyebrows (???) and now has super long hair.
  • Destiny was crying because she didn't feel pretty with her short hair. There's always gotta be one girl who hates her makeover.
  • Brittany got a short auburn bob.
  • Leila got light brown, blondish hair.
  • Yvonne is basically the same.
  • Laura is the bleach blonde chick of this cycle. There' always one of those, too.
  • Allyssa got long layers.

A little more drama involving Kiara broke out in the house when she told Darian not to be loud and all hell broke loose.

And then, we got to the photo shoot! The girls were told that they would be modeling nude with Rob Evans! Right off the bat, we saw Darian struggle, another sure sign that she was out this week. Then, no shocker here, Maria decided that modeling wasn't what she wanted to do and left the competition. And Destiny still had a hard time accepting her makeover.


In panel I noticed that Tyra was giving everyone surprisingly generous scores. Maybe she's being good cop to Kelly Cutrone's bad cop? Most of the photos did turn out well, though. Victoria's wavy hair is a big improvement even though she said no to the makeover, and she ended up getting the best photo of the week. Rob commented about how much he loves Nastasia's hair and how he's never seen anything like it in the modeling world although I thought of Nik from Cycle 5 when I saw her hair. It looks great on both of them, though. Speaking of Nik, I just learned from Googling her that her real name is Erika and she was born in Milwaukee. Crazy!

The callout order was:

1. Victoria
2. Brittany
3. Allyssa
4. Leila
5. Laura
6. Nastasia
7. Kristin
8. Destiny
9. Kiara
10. Yvonne

Eliminated for now: Darian

The previews showed an acting challenge with Tyler Perry next week, and we'll see some drama between Destiny and Kristin. I knew Kristin would cause some trouble eventually.

For the win: Leila
Eliminated next week: Maybe Destiny. Her hair is just going to keep bugging her. I believe Tyra said she wanted to change it a little, or was that someone else? So we'll see what happens there.

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  1. Destiny's hair looks horrible. She was right to hate it. And Maria is crazy, I'm glad she left. I'm honestly surprised Darian ever made it on; she didn't look like a model to me. And I'm not surprised there was backlash against her braids; it's not the 90s and you're not Janet Jackson. Just sayin'.