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America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 5 Recap

I should've been worried about Leila being eliminated when they showed her talking so much at the beginning of the episode. Instead, I remained blissfully unaware until the end. There was a little bit of drama when Laura picked Kristin to join her in the Tyra suite instead of Lelia. I did feel bad for Leila when all the girls thought she was obsessed with Laura. I've been there, girl. That part gave me unwelcome flashbacks to sixth grade. Plus, Kristin's just kind of a B.

Anyway, then the girls got a visit from Alicia Keys, whose music actually reminds me of freshman year of college. I guess it was a nostalgic episode, heh. Alicia told the girls that they would be participating in a charity fashion show to raise money for Keep a Child Alive. The girls would be doing their own styling, the looks would be auctioned off, and the girl whose outfit raised the most money would win the scholarship money AND get to visit Alicia Keys on tour.

First, they practiced their walks in the house, where Leila struggled to impress Tyra. There was also a funny part where either Tyra or Alicia asked Brittany if she had a boo, and she was like, "Leonardo Dicaprio!" Haha, between that and her love of Disney, I'm pretty sure she could be BFFs with some of my BFFs.

Brittany (source)

At the actual fashion show, all the girls did pretty well. Except Leila. The girl who raised the most money ended up being Kiara, who was definitely the best one on the runway. Maybe this wasn't a coincidence, but she also may have been the most enthusiastic Alicia Keys fan. She picked Nastasia to join her to see Alicia Keys on tour.

Leila continued to be down on herself throughout the episode, but I guess I still didn't want to believe that she might be eliminated. She and Laura had another confrontation, and Leila basically called Laura conceited or something. Laura broke down crying because she had been picked on in high school for having famous parents, and all the girls seemed to side with her. Laura, you're an awesome model, but I'm still on your side, Leila.

Photo shoot time! The girls posed as cheerleaders while being hurled up in the air by four male cheerleaders. It proved to be as potentially dangerous as it looked when Allyssa cut one of the guys in the eyebrow when she was coming down. Kristin actually was a cheerleader, so she found the whole shoot pretty effortless. Nastasia, being the tiniest one, flew the highest and rocked it. As for the girls who struggled, Brittany looked extremely awkward, and Laura was terrified of heights. And then Bryan Boy showed up randomly.

Allyssa (source)

In panel Tyra wore a fierce cutout illusion dress. Most of the critiques were pretty expected based on what we saw from the photo shoot. Brittany and Leila looked awkward, Nastasia and Yvonne looked great, but there were a couple surprising scores from the judges. I didn't like Laura's picture, but the judges did; Allyssa's picture was eh, but Tyra gave her a high score. On the other side of the spectrum, Kristin's picture was pretty good even though Tyra thought she looked more cheerleader than model, but Rob lowballed her and gave her a 6. Teehee, I kind of take pleasure in how much Rob doesn't like Kristin. Evil.

Screenshot from full episode

The callout order was:
  1. Nastasia
  2. Laura
  3. Kristin
  4. Kiara
  5. Victoria
  6. Yvonne
  7. Allyssa
  8. Brittany

Eliminated for now: Leila

Here was my reaction as documented in my notes:


The previews showed a pretty cool video game challenge for the next episode. I'm not sure how it relates to modeling, but it'll be fun to watch. It looks like the girls are doing some kind of steampunk photo shoot, where Yvonne snaps at Bryan Boy.

For the win: Leila...oh, she'll be back.
Eliminated next week: Yvonne. Might as well admit that the previews have shown the eliminated person every week so far.

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