Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeans Week - Wednesday

Is it just me, or is this week going slower than usual? You'd think with Halloween, it would go faster.

Anyway, after my very casual outfit yesterday, I wanted to step it up a little today. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of these jeans at all. I've come to the realization that these are the least flattering jeans I own, and I'm definitely donating them after this wear. Along with a huge pair from Target that I forgot I had.

Jeans and Top: Old Navy; Blazer: Gap; Scarf: World Market; Shoes: C-Label via Piperlime

I've also identified a hole in my wardrobe from wearing denim every day - I could use a pair of well-fitting plain blue skinny jeans. The pair I have is OK, but I find myself often looking for skinny jeans when my one pair is in the dirty clothes hamper. Maybe eventually I should get a pair of nice bootcuts to replace these monstrosities, too.

My new shoes are cute, though! (If you ignore the blisters, which I will)


  1. I love the bright color of your jacket; it's so pretty on you. And I agree that this week is very, very long.

  2. Cute look! I like the blazer an jeans look. A great pair of skinnies is definitely a staple!

  3. Good jeans are always a necessity that cannot be forgotten. I think we all tend to pass them up in lieu of a gorgeous dress or skirt that makes a bigger statement but, there nothing flatters your body or goes with everything in your wardrobe like a great pair of jeans!

    Also, I love the shoes! Hopefully you can wear them in enough so they will be comfortable!