Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dressed by Corleen

Corleen of Barely Practical presented me with the challenge of recreating the 60s mod look in a fashionable way without making it too costumey. She provided me with this Fashion Tag post for inspiration. I don't have many graphic geometric prints or shift dresses, but I thought this dress fit the bill pretty well.

Dress: Kohl's; Turtleneck: Target; Shoes: Chelsea Crew

My "walking to and from the car" version is below. Those yellow shoes, as cute as they are, are still not broken in, not that TOMS ballet flats are that much more comfortable. I'd be interested to try their updated version.

Jacket: L.L.Bean; Flats: TOMS

As many times as I've worn this dress, and as much as I like layering shirts under dresses, I never thought to do it with this one. I ended up really liking this combination. So thanks for the inspiration, Corleen!


  1. It looks great! The dress combined with your bangs does the mod look justice without going too over the top.

  2. Love this outfit! This dress reminds me of the skirt from Inspiration Monday.

  3. how perfect with the yellow and black and white wall! when i saw your dress, i immediately thought 60's mod. i can't believe it isn't vintage. i mean you got it at kohl's. score for you. :)

  4. That dress is so beautiful, and I love how it looks with the turtleneck! This is one of my favorite outfits of yours!!